Find Your Sweet Spot : Sugarcane Pose

Andrea Ting-Letts
Instructor Andrea Ting-Letts
Average: 4.9 (49 votes)
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Play with balance, open your quads and find your sweet spot in this challenging but accessible practice towards sugarcane pose, also known as ardha chandra chapasana. Inspired by lalita, the divine mother of the universe who wields a sugarcane bow and five rose tipped arrows, this vinyasa flow sequence teaches us to backbend with compassion and self-love.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


nittany13 2 months ago

I enjoyed this practice with Andrea. The poses were from a smooth transition and challenging. Perfect to end a full day.

LindsayC608 2 months ago

What a fun invigorating class to do in the morning! I really liked how we got into half moon in a new (to me) way, and this was the most successful/ accessible sugar cane pose has been for me. Thank you!

sng4ever 3 months ago

Really nice practice and loved that Andrea can "make fun" of herself. Wonderful and different transitions from various poses.
Only issue was corpse where I was laying down and then, w/o really knowing, Andrea was saying Namaste. I just did it from corpse.

salexh 3 months ago

This class was amazing!!! Thank you so much Andrea!! Wonderful quad stretches, my whole body felt challenged and stretched out but in a really mindful and calm way. I love the direction and got into some poses I hadn't before. Andrea's classes are by far my favourite!!

rachelmccreesh 3 months ago

This was my first class with Andrea and I LOVED it! She is very gentle and soft with her words, but also pushes you to reach for more. I really enjoyed the build up of this class to the final pose and was surprised with myself how gracefully I was able to enter the final pose without every having done it before. Thank you Andrea for a beautiful class!

NATS 77 3 months ago

A challenging class delivered by a skilful compassionate teacher with an excellent delivery style that is the perfect amount of stick and carrot ! Thank you so much, I loved it xx

LEIGH A TRIFARI 3 months ago

This was my first ever class with Andrea and I am so happy I found it. Being on furlough from my job has given me new opportunities to explore DYWM and widen my practice. I love learning new poses, and Andrea's "Twisted Monkey" will be one I'll keep in my repertoire! This is an outstanding class for hips, quads and low back--areas I always need to pay attention to, especially if I'm sitting at my desk more these days. This class is marked intermediate II but I found it a little easy (save for "Lizard" and"Twisted MonKey", of course). Andrea's set-up for the "Sugarcane" Pose was so spot-on helpful--by the time I got that part of the session, I was feeling so confident--and Andrea's astute observation that, towards the end of a class,we might feel a little tired, was kind and reassuring. I'm definitely going to look for more classes with Andrea on this website.

PeacefulRN 3 months ago

This was my first class with Andrea and I'm glad to be introduced to her peaceful and straightforward style. My tight hips and quads needed this class; half-moon and sugarcane felt easier for me than usual. Great overall stretch with important reminders for self-compassion. Thank you!