Pilates: Beginner Level 2 Class

Yoga for Strength
Yoga for Back Care
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Kim ramps it up it a bit for this beginner level two class. She keeps to the fundamental pilates principals as she guides you through exercises that are a bit more challenging than level one. Enjoy!


this was perfect for a
Laura-Jean 1 month ago

this was perfect for a morning stretch...beginning of my day!

new love
debbiehodkinson 2 months ago

i normally do yoga so this was so different for me but loved it. great for the core

Hard to follow
birdnthesky 7 months ago

I've been working through all of the Pilates videos. Unfortunately, there aren't very many to choose from. I found this class difficult to follow. It is listed as a beginner class but doesn't seem very beginner like. It is fast paced with little instruction on how to transition into each move. Once you are in the poses, she explains it better but it is still fast. Might want to try the "Yoga for Inner Strength" video by Melissa Krieger before you jump into Kim's clases. I was able to connect better with the basics. I really hope to see more pilates/yoga fusion classes added.

yay ! I love knowing which muscles I'm engaging
joyscout 1 year ago

Love this practice , and all the anatomy information in it. thank you !

Great workout!
loganfaulk 3 years ago

What a great workout after a run- really brings it all together and makes you work on those muscles you didn't know you had! Definitely doing this one again.

Thanks so much!

ms_berglund 3 years ago

Great challenge! Will do this straight after level 1 for a full body workout. Good instructor, too!

Amorous3 4 years ago

I love doing this exercise in the morning. It get me balanced for the rest of the day. Thank you.....

Great for core strength
clarry 4 years ago

Great thanks, nice little video.

I had no trouble following
kchancecarter 4 years ago

I had no trouble following the cueing. This is an excellent, short workout that I am sure I will feel tomorrow...and Kim Wilson is so encouraging and sweet-natured! Thanks.