Pilates: Level 2, Class 2

Kathi Ells
Instructor Kathi Ells
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This is Kathi's 2nd Level 2 class. If you have already done her Pilates: Level 2, Class 1 video you'll find this one to be slightly more challenging but it builds effectively on all that you have learned if you have progressed through her Level 1 and Level 2 pilates series. The class that follows this one is Level 2, Class 3.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


KDCaywood 2 months ago

I was very happy to find Pilates classes on this website. The yoga classes are wonderful, but Pilates is my passion. Kathi's classes are interesting and challenging. Her cues are easy to follow if you're familiar with Pilates. It would be helpful to watch the video first if you are fairly new to Pilates.

anniebell 8 months ago

I can do everything but the rollups- Any modifications? I have tried the towel under the lumber . Think I hurt my lower back doing these so reluctant to try again. I have been doing restorative pilates for over a year now and this is my first time doing mat pilates and so far I have been able to manage the exercises except the roll ups.
Thanks for any suggestions.

David Procyshyn 8 months ago

You can modify the roll-ups by gently holding your legs, to help you up. Try to use your core muscles as much as you can, though, so you strengthen them. Eventually, you might be able to do the roll-up without the help!

Wol 11 months ago

I love Kathi's classes, and am so excited to have found them online! It's been quite a few years since I took her class in person, but I found it easy to pick right up. The cuing and sequences build on earlier classes, which are also excellent. I love that the moves are challenging at every level; I have definitely been feeling my abs the next day. Thank you so much Kathi; I've missed your classes!

jah00 11 months ago

Agree that it can be hard to follow, but found it easy to understand once I watched it before I was in the poses. So would recommend watching the sequences before you do them to make it a little clearer :) Overall, I like the pilates classes - It's a good mix from my usual yoga practice. So thank you.

LucyHB 1 year ago

I enjoyed this and really felt it in the core, but agree that it's a little hard to follow, I kept having to try and look at the screen with my feet behind my head in plough which obviously isn't wise! I am doing the 21 days pilates challenge and I think it made it easier that I came to this with a week's practice at getting the basics. I think this is one that's worth comjng back to as it would be clearer after the first attempt. Thanks Kathi! i am enjoying building my pilates knowledge!

Archana 1 year ago

A bit faster direction that makes it harder to follow. But thanks anyways, Kathi.

maryholbert 1 year ago

I find this video pretty confusing. There's not enough Direction a Kathy talks a lot but she leaves pieces out like when we breathe in when we breathe out I would suggest having someone who hasn't heard this try listening to it maybe do some editing

I agree with Mary. Stopped this class to try another. It would be helpful if instructions were more clear and a bit slower.

heidic 3 years ago

Great, felt like I was spending quality time on areas that need it most. Thank you.