Level 3 Yoga/Pilates Fusion

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Class Description: 
Kim's light-hearted delivery and her amazing ability to guide you through such difficult moves with patience and precision make this class both tough and a whole lot of fun! This full-length version of Kim's fusion series includes three classes in one: Bodacious Bootie, Core Fantastic and Armilicious.


Absolutely awesome!
acuddy 2 months ago

This is a class I keep coming back to - it's a great work-out that leaves me feeling both energized and relaxed. I love Kim's classes and wish there were more of them...:)

Great hard and fun class!
finch 3 months ago

Wonderful butt-kicking and satisfying class. I feel energized and stretched, exausted and content. Thank you for your great sense of humor!

thank you! i find this
Lealy 4 months ago

thank you! i find this practice very different then all the other ones i have done so far. i still need some time to fully understand it - thank you for making me learn!

Amazing class!
LucyHB 7 months ago

Wow - I've done the core section of this class countless times but for some reason had never done the full class before - it's amazing! What a great full body workout. I'm now making a point of doing it at least once a week. I'm not accustomed to mixing yoga with pilates (and I've never done a pilates class) but I really love this. Would love more Kim classes, she is fantastic!

nophry 7 months ago

WOW! this class was amazing! thank you so much for sharing it !

Fantastic. I am hooked on
debbodkin 7 months ago

Fantastic. I am hooked on this class once a week now! Thank you.

perfectly balanced class,
TheBee313 11 months ago

perfectly balanced class, left me feeling both stronger and more limber. can't wait to do it again! thanks again dywm

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!
Kinesiology 1 year ago

Oh THANK YOU Kim!! You are a joyful, radiant ball of golden white light that has come to shine on us all! I'm filled with both Santosa (thank you for a new word) and quivering, deliciously exhausted core muscles!!! I will definitely be adding this one to my regular rotation. I can't thank you enough for this practice; I really needed this!

Upper body whoo!
staycjw 1 year ago

This really challenged my upper body strength and felt great! I appreciate the constant reminder to focus on core and not to use your back, as I have several back issues and when I get tired, tend to strain my back. You seemed to mention this each time I began to fall out of the core, and your direction is very easy to follow. I can't wait to do this class again and continue to work on myself.