Level 3 Yoga/Pilates Fusion

Kim Wilson
Instructor Kim Wilson
Average: 4.8 (108 votes)
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Kim's light-hearted delivery and her amazing ability to guide you through such difficult moves with patience and precision make this class both tough and a whole lot of fun! This full-length version of Kim's fusion series includes three classes in one: Bodacious Bootie, Core Fantastic and Armilicious.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


sayaka888 1 year ago

I love your yoga class and thank you for this class, it kick my butt.
I feel great.

circelink 1 year ago

I look forward to doing this one again and again, and one day I'll be able to keep up! Inspiring and well paced.

Ktrirogoff 2 years ago

WOW what a workout...My butt was screaming by the end...Thank you for kicking it...I love the diversity of this website...Kim is perfect at this, and this class is such a welcome workout

vbeeler2 2 years ago

Everything flowed together smoothly and effortlessly yet remained challenging. Lost track of time and was surprised the end came so soon....want more!!! You have a wonderful way of explaining the poses and making adjustments. Superb instruction!

acuddy 2 years ago

This is a class I keep coming back to - it's a great work-out that leaves me feeling both energized and relaxed. I love Kim's classes and wish there were more of them...:)

finch 2 years ago

Wonderful butt-kicking and satisfying class. I feel energized and stretched, exausted and content. Thank you for your great sense of humor!

lea.muller@stud... 2 years ago

thank you! i find this practice very different then all the other ones i have done so far. i still need some time to fully understand it - thank you for making me learn!

LucyHB 3 years ago

Wow - I've done the core section of this class countless times but for some reason had never done the full class before - it's amazing! What a great full body workout. I'm now making a point of doing it at least once a week. I'm not accustomed to mixing yoga with pilates (and I've never done a pilates class) but I really love this. Would love more Kim classes, she is fantastic!

nophry 3 years ago

WOW! this class was amazing! thank you so much for sharing it !