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Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Back Care
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Rachel takes you through a more challenging sun salutation, focusing on alignment principles and breath. Her clarity, precision and good nature will help you through this class, and you may learn a few things too!


Retraining and Rehabilitation
perfecta25 1 month ago

THANK YOU! I have been recovering from a hamstring strain and front labrum (hip) tear - this felt so so good! My pain is going away and it's comfortable to walk again! I will try to do this on a weekly basis as I think it's a fabulous way to retrain the hips and legs!

For more advanced beginners
Jamvjm 2 months ago

This was a bit more challenging for me but I did almost everything. She explained the moves so that made it easier for me. Maybe after I conquer this, it's time to move to the next level? Nice job!

It's a bit hard for true
animir 5 months ago

It's a bit hard for true begginers, but it s a nice stepstone you have to master before considering yourself something else than a beginner! So in my opinion it s like an exam, if you can't master this class you re still a beginner :-) and that's ok!
Thanks a lot!!!

Simply wonderful. So nice to
Nyamyj 5 months ago

Simply wonderful. So nice to go deeper into basic poses and engage more areas I was not activating. I love learning more amd more. Thank you.

Sei Sen 6 months ago

Feeling sometimes pain in the hips after yoga practices, I was very happy to do this class - and be more aware of my other muscles' support. Will definitively be more attentive to this from now on! I am following the Ongoing Intermediate Program (I recommend the programs to everyone, it's really amazing how you can progress with these) and I found Rachel's class easy, clear and just challenging enough. Namaste :)

just way too hard for a
mccannjl 6 months ago

just way too hard for a beginner. I had to quit halfway through. Disappointed. :(

Much too fast for the next step beginner
kavitadrake 6 months ago

I'm sure this is a wonderful class for a bit later. But having just gone through all the previous beginner classes, this was a HUGE jump. There should probably be another step before this. This was way too fast-paced, and it introduced the names of new poses without explanation, which means I was looking at the screen trying to figure out what was going on, instead of just letting my body move. I will likely come back to this later, but for now I'm going to look for something slower for a beginner.

Thanks for all the work you yogis do! I've already improved my chronic hip pain by great bounds, and I'm eager to more fully embrace being an embodied soul.

Fantastic and challenging
Reineira 6 months ago

Fantastic and challenging class. I will have to do it again and again. Thank you so much Rachel.

Good for Beginner
john gibb 7 months ago

Great teaching Rachel! I'm a super newbie, I've been playing around with Yoga and I'm dedicating 2018 to educating myself. Your class is a great start! Thank you so much for your teaching!

Back Pain
AhmetKızıltan 7 months ago

Hello Rachel thank you for this nice class. I want to ask a question. Is it normal to have a little lower back pain after one day from exercise?
Before I had a similar lower back pain after David's another class and it was one day long and gone after one day.