Pilates: Beginner Level 1 Class 2

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Kim Wilson
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Kim's smile and humor help you get through this pilate class that will be tough for any beginner. She teaches you how to strengthening your full body in a holistic, balanced way, while maintaining the 5 principles throughout and filling the class with fun. Even though it's challenging, you will love this class.


thanks very much Kim. I
bronwynhegarty 7 months ago

thanks very much Kim. I really like the way you are instilling the five principles and keep reminding us to 'turn on' the core muscles. The exercises are working! Your classes so far have taught me a lot more than the several classes I've previously attended. There I picked up a lot more different exercises but I doubt I was doing all of them as well as you get us to in your classes.
It would be great if we could be reminded a bit more about when to exhale and inhale in an exercise, and also consistently provide instructions on when to change sides so the audio is enough and it is not necessary to keep looking.
I feel ready for my day and strong!

Nice one
Deborah Lilly 10 months ago

Haven't done pilates for years so this was a good intro back into it. Look forward to more. cheers!

Welcome back!
LAKSHMIJEE 11 months ago

So glad to see Kim back with new Pilates videos..packs quite a punch as always...thank you Kim and DYWM --miss the furry brown friend in the background though:-(

Thanks Kim for a great class.
Jewels1 11 months ago

Thanks Kim for a great class. I had been hoping there would be more pilates classes on dywm.

Keep them coming! My abs need it!

wow lovelovelove
chopper 11 months ago

this was tough for me as my core isn't strong after 3 babies , but I will continue on with this one it is one of my favourites
Thanks for your great instructions, encouragement and fabulous personality.

Kaoya 11 months ago

So glad to see Kim back with more pilates! Looking forward to trying this one