Pilates: Beginner Level 1 Class 2

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Class Description: 

Kim's smile and humor help you get through this pilate class that will be tough for any beginner. She teaches you how to strengthening your full body in a holistic, balanced way, while maintaining the 5 principles throughout and filling the class with fun. Even though it's challenging, you will love this class.


Nice one
Deborah Lilly 2 months ago

Haven't done pilates for years so this was a good intro back into it. Look forward to more. cheers!

Welcome back!
LAKSHMIJEE 2 months ago

So glad to see Kim back with new Pilates videos..packs quite a punch as always...thank you Kim and DYWM --miss the furry brown friend in the background though:-(

Thanks Kim for a great class.
Jewels1 2 months ago

Thanks Kim for a great class. I had been hoping there would be more pilates classes on dywm.

Keep them coming! My abs need it!

wow lovelovelove
chopper 2 months ago

this was tough for me as my core isn't strong after 3 babies , but I will continue on with this one it is one of my favourites
Thanks for your great instructions, encouragement and fabulous personality.

Kaoya 2 months ago

So glad to see Kim back with more pilates! Looking forward to trying this one