Flow Into Feeling

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (48 votes)
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This intermediate flow invites you to find presence through the sensations that bring each moment and movement to life. The mind learns to listen to, and follow, the guidance of the body through the language of feeling and breath. 

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


[email protected] 2 weeks ago

Fiji, thank you so much for this amazing practice!!! :) It is my favourite at the moment. I was sweating and powered myself out, while also stretching and meditating in poses. You are my hero!! Thank you!!!

nomise 3 weeks ago

This is truly a beautiful class. Fiji is a fantastic teacher. There is so much wisdom in her words.
Thank you.

sivar_sydney 2 months ago

Thank you Fiji for a wonderful flow. I havent practiced a vinyasa in too long out of fear of being out of shape post baby. This class definitely pushed my edges, but reminded me that yoga is an unfolding and provided the gentle encouragement that I needed. will be returning!

BevieKnowles 2 months ago

Lovely class, thank you for this resource. I would really value a longer sivasana. I don’t know what is happening in sivasana, some sort of very nourishing integrating process and when it is only just beginning we are called out of it. This feels like a very valuable part of the practice that is overlooked. Especially when we are focusing on listening to the wisdom of the body. The body was calling me to a longer sivasana.

leelzeebub 2 months ago

I've never wanted a class to not end so badly. This class is the yoga I need in my life- slow and steady, focusing on breath and focus. I feel more restored than I have in a while and I have Fiji to thank. We need more classes like this.

nadomom 3 months ago

This is not a fast pace or technically difficult class but it is definitely challenging to move at this steady pace. I feel unhurried, secured and strong. Quite a confidence boosting session. Thank you.

Gaye Trevan 3 months ago

I loved the pace of this class. While I think Fiji is a great teacher, sometimes the power flow classes move too quickly to really be able to feel what's happening in the body. As my yoga journey has progressed, and I've got older :) I don't need a class filled with chataranga. This is my kinda class; it's no less challenging to slow things down and hold the shapes and the mind just slips into that slow gear too! I'll be coming back to this one.

Manjusri 4 months ago

Beautiful and challenging. I will return to this class again and again. And I just love your outdoor classes...how you bring nature into my living room and give me the experience of practising under sky! A real gift in the midst of dark winter mornings. Also really appreciated the background of silence along with the occasional birdsong - perfectly harmonised with the class! Thank you Fiji and David x

kathrynbirkholm 4 months ago

Wonderful to follow your development. Your practice resonating with my own development . When I first found doyogawith me years ago, you were the only teacher I wanted. I left you for a number of years because I no longer needed, wanted or could be so fast, hard and pushing. Wonderful to feel you, hear you, watch you deepen in your practice and skills in leading us. Thank you Fiji. So beautiful.