Flow Into Feeling

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This intermediate flow invites you to find presence through the sensations that bring each moment and movement to life. The mind learns to listen to, and follow, the guidance of the body through the language of feeling and breath.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


A Perfect Slow Flow
Gaye Trevan 1 day ago

I loved the pace of this class. While I think Fiji is a great teacher, sometimes the power flow classes move too quickly to really be able to feel what's happening in the body. As my yoga journey has progressed, and I've got older :) I don't need a class filled with chataranga. This is my kinda class; it's no less challenging to slow things down and hold the shapes and the mind just slips into that slow gear too! I'll be coming back to this one.

Perfectly paced
Manjusri 2 weeks ago

Beautiful and challenging. I will return to this class again and again. And I just love your outdoor classes...how you bring nature into my living room and give me the experience of practising under sky! A real gift in the midst of dark winter mornings. Also really appreciated the background of silence along with the occasional birdsong - perfectly harmonised with the class! Thank you Fiji and David x

kathrynbirkholm 2 weeks ago

Wonderful to follow your development. Your practice resonating with my own development . When I first found doyogawith me years ago, you were the only teacher I wanted. I left you for a number of years because I no longer needed, wanted or could be so fast, hard and pushing. Wonderful to feel you, hear you, watch you deepen in your practice and skills in leading us. Thank you Fiji. So beautiful.

Agreed. You've been my main
pvetsen 3 days ago

Agreed. You've been my main teacher for the past five years and growing with you has been an increasingly beautiful process. Thank you!

Exactly what I needed
krisstinahawks 2 weeks ago

This truly resonated with my attempts to tame my monkey mind and the way I use practice to do it. Thank you.
It was a well rounded practice and my entire body feels great.

Like James Brown said, "I feel good!"
duroc017 2 weeks ago

This is a really wonderful practice. As someone with a difficult job (child welfare social worker), I think I tend to numb myself more than I realize, and also to push and overcommit myself too often. This was a really great way to remind myself to slow down, check in, feel and respond with care and gentleness toward myself. Thank you as always, Fiji and DYWM!

Perfect pace!
circelink 2 weeks ago

I LOVE how this class is in no way hurried. I felt the allowance of mindful and considered attention to the poses not performance, creating a generous a flow to swim in!

Beautiful and challenging
deborahcb 2 weeks ago

I do feel my mind and body so connected and at peace now. Thank you. I really appreciate you focusing on this aspect of yoga.

binary 3 weeks ago

looking towards my back hand in warrior 2 changed my life. So moving. Thank you.

What a wonderful way to mindfully stretch and move
jmitton 3 weeks ago

Woke up tight through my hips and hip flexors this morning; this flow made such a difference and enabled me to focus.