Pilates: Beginner Level 1, Class 2

Kathi Ells
Instructor Kathi Ells
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Once you've watched Pilates Fundamentals: The Five Principles and Pilates: Beginner Level 1, you can progress into new movement patterns in this mat pilates class, while reinforcing what you learned. With a deeper explanation of the Pilates principles, more positioning cues, and a varied beginner's sequence you'll be well on your way to gaining strength, power, mobility, and alignment. The class after this on is Pilates: Level 2, Class 1

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


Abha 2 months ago

Just absolutely awesome. Feel loose and limber yet stronger. More pilates classes please please please .

Archana 1 year ago

Whenever I did Pilates in the past I came out a bit discouraged. It is so much about the technique, and Kathy's instructions are so precise as if she knows where I am making mistakes. Thanks so much.

Rachel Scott 1 year ago

I'm just getting into Pilates and love it! Thanks for the great clarity in your cuing :)

michelle13 1 year ago

i havent really done pilates before, but this was great, clear instructions, i will be doing more. thank you. Namaste

This is truly a beautiful class , clear instructions, constant reminders, positive and effective
Thank you