Pilates Level 2, Class 4

Kathi Ells
Instructor Kathi Ells
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Building on what you learned in her beginner classes and the intermediate mat repertoire of her three earlier level 2 classes (Level 2, Class 1Level 2, Class 2 and Level 2, Class 3), this pilates mat class will challenge your body even more, from head to toe. From the foundation of core stability and power, you'll work through your full range of motion for ideal lengthening and strengthening to create optimal alignment and physical stamina.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


thekchog palma 7 months ago

Hi Kathi, great class and most of this I found quite doable but the jack knife was totally beyond me. You commented that we could do the "rollover prep" if we weren't comfortable with inversions, but could you say more about what that is? I like doing inversions but am not even close on this one! Perhaps another alternative intermediate move would help, and/or a more detailed suggestion about how to progress to the more challenging inversions. And yes, agree with some others below about the sand/hair/rocks/sun comments - we want you to be comfortable and enjoying the class instruction, and it seems like you are uncomfortable at many moments in the class.

Kathi Ells 7 months ago

Thank you for your comment and suggestions thekchog palma. All great feedback and ideas. I completely agree that more of an explanation of rollover prep would be beneficial to the class. My apologies about the hair comments. I try to make the classes as authentic as possible but I'm happy you pointed this out. It's better to leave distractions alone rather than point them out. I truly enjoy the classes although teaching outside does have its challenges. I enjoy the fun distractions like dogs and children though. :) Thank you again for taking the time for feedback.

jenna audrey 7 months ago

Loved this class, Kathi! This is my second pilates class Ive tried and as Ive been doing yoga for a long time I jumped ahead to this challenging class and it was fantastic. It worked everything I wanted to be worked. And there was one move in there with the glutes that was awesome. More like this please!! Thank you thank you!

Maputo 11 months ago

I needed to rest my shoulders and knees today so I decided to try this workout. Good ab, thigh and glute work. The piking move was beyond me and I like seeing where I might go. All other moves, adaptable to most levels.

acuddy 11 months ago

I really like the exercises in this class, but agree the hair comments are distracting - I wouldn't notice your hair position at all, Kathy, if not for your comments.

Would like more pilates options. One area that would make the video less distracting is the fast-paced directions and commentary about adjusting sand and hair. Thank you!

S1hooky 2 years ago

Loving these classes as a great alternative/addition to my usual yoga practice.