Pilates: Level 2, Class 1

Kathi Ells
Instructor Kathi Ells
Average: 4.8 (48 votes)
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This Level 2 pilates class is the first level 2 class in a series that helps you progress in strength using the pilates principles that were established in her Fundamentals of Pilates: The Five Principles class video. She gradually challenges you more and more, helping you understand how to maintain your core while moving and bearing weight. If you feel that this class might be a little much for you, try moving back a step to Pilates: Beginner Level 1, Class 2. Or, if you're feeling your ready for the next challenge, check out the next class in the series, Pilates: Level 2, Class 2.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


soniakim 10 months ago

This challenge has introduced me to pilates for the first time and I am already feeling a difference with my core strengthening. I have enjoyed these classes a lot. One tip, however, I wish instructors would remain silent as they adjust themselves. I have seen other instructors adjust themselves, remove sand, etc. without mentioning it and I find this is very effective for me to stay present in my body (and not have to be disrupted with the instructors comments about what they are adjusting in their body). Thanks!

Precious Cat 12 months ago

I am very happy as I managed to finish this class too! I have changed one thing - during the oblique work, I crossed my hands behind my head because it was hard on my neck to put my hands at the back of my ears during the exercise... That is because my necks gets tight very easily. And I enjoyed having my legs up! Thank you :)

PeacefulRN 2 years ago

I like to think that I have a strong core....but then I do a pilates class! :-)

Challenging but do-able. I didn't watch the previous videos (which I will probably watch now that I've done this class) but despite that unfamiliarity with the moves, Kathy's cues made this accessible. Will return to this one .

Becky in TX 3 years ago

I really am not familiar with pilates. I've been doing yoga forever. But, your instructions were excellent! The flow felt natural, but challenging. I'll be back to this practice many times. Thank you

donvmorgan 3 years ago

I am recovering from a back injury. This was perfect to help strengthen the right muscles for the lower back. Thanks!

Van_damsel 3 years ago

I've been looking for a core workout to compliment my marathon training - this challenged me in ways I've not felt in yoga classes for a while! Learned I have muscles in places I didn't know existed - will be revisiting!

KML 3 years ago

Thank you Kathi, I love this class:)