Vinyasa Yoga for Lower Back Care: Stability

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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In the first class in Fiji's series on Yoga for Lower Back Care, Fiji spends time on how to activate the core and stabilize the body in order to protect the back and strengthen our natural support mechanisms. This is particularly important in a vinyasa flow, since poses like chaturanga and upward facing dog can be hard on the lower back if not done properly, but it's even more important in daily life when we're walking, running, lifting, reaching and working. The entire program, Vinyasa Yoga for Lower Back Care, can be found on our Yoga Programs page.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


great instruction
G-Van 5 months ago

being new to yoga, I found the description of each target very helpful.

Fiji is AMAZING!!!
DWitter 6 months ago

I can't begin to tell you how therapeutic Fiji has been for me. She is so thorough in her explanation that I feel as though she is right next to me helping me on my mat! My lower back is not hurting me; however I have intense hamstring and hip pain only on my left side. My entire yin body is in pain. This practice helped to ease the tension so much that I feel at least 80% better. I do a lot of intense training example P90X3 and this is the perfect way to get my body back into alignment. Graciously and sincerely I thank you!

Nourishing Class
hmariea 8 months ago

I come back to this class over and over again, usually once a week. I have low back/hip issues and the hip flexor and hamstring work done here is exactly what I need to continue to feel strong in every other aspect of my movement throughout the week. So grateful! :)

Best thing I could possibly have done for my back in this moment
DaniKiss 8 months ago

Incredible class as always, Fiji!! I found myself whispering "wow" to myself throughout this session because you continuously provided opportunity for release. This class in particular has left me feeling rejuvenated, energized, and most of all - my back feeling great. I was born with fuzed vertebrae resulting in a herniated disc in my lower lumbar spine. Your classes have allowed me to continue living my life with so much more space in my spine and less pain overall. Thank you for this beautiful session and for sharing your wise strategies for moving our bodies and opening our minds to this flow and movement

Anna Vibeke Eilert 10 months ago

I just did this class for the first time. I seem to have chronic lower back pain these days, and this class was such a relief. Thank you, Fiji, and thank you, DoYogaWithMe!!

Calm Release & Strengthening
Melanie Lichtinger 10 months ago

Wonderful calm release and strengthening practice on a grey Yin Springy day.
Feeling gently regenerated.

Great class but cannot hear the instructions
breaght 11 months ago

The class is fantastic but I the voice tone is so low I can hardly hear the instructor. I have my volume turn up all the way and can barely hear the instructions even if I position my laptop by my head. Haven't had this problem with any other videos on this site.

Re: Lower Back Care: Stability
David Procyshyn 11 months ago

Hi there. I'm sorry you had trouble hearing the video. The volume is set at the same level as all of our others, so I'm not sure what to suggest.

Such meticulous instruction
Nyamyj 11 months ago

Such meticulous instruction throughout enabled this beginner to do most of this, I simply replaced cobra for upward dog. Please consider a video with instruction for upward dog. Thank you Fiji!