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  • HARD for me. Hips and tri pod head stands. Worth doing but have to be ready for it.

  • Just the right level of challenge. Makes my butt sore every time

  • Awesome advanced class. Lots of twists - moves fast. Good one,

  • Not my favorite because it’s not my strengths: crow. Shoulder stretches. But it does have really good ITband stretches

  • Breath work only

  • Very relaxing basic stretches w nice side stretches

  • Good side plants; IT stretches; hard but not too hard

  • Love the blind-folded practice. Makes A big difference.

  • Short and hard class - many arm balances and good core work

  • Great yin sides and thighs class. Very good for Friday’s

  • Enjoyed and you don’t really need a wall

  • Short and very satisfying class esp w flying pidgeon

  • Jonni is all power. I’m book marking this without having done just so I remember to go to her.

  • Great session. This will help me master crow. And really worked our way into eagle. Definitely a keeper

  • Awesome yin! Need to do at least 1 a week!

  • Great advanced basic sequence w breathing exercises

  • Haven’t tried this yet but will

  • Wonder side twists through side crow and quad stretches.

  • More stretching than active poses for hips. Felt real good

  • Slow steady pace, a lot of standing legs that make legs and butt sore, good twists. 5 Stars!

  • Good flour practice with front and back leg stretches and side stretches. Perfect timing for week day mornings

  • Awesome - sides, hamstrings, hips. Should do this all the time!

  • Haven't tried yet

  • Video kept pooping out. Good side stretches and some thigh. I just don’t like wheel so meh

  • Awesome class!!! Super hip and thigh stretches. Something to really work towards. Have to do this regularly

  • Haven’t tried yer

  • Haven’t tried yet

  • Perfect all around class _ good basic vinyasa to do all the time. Perfect pace. Not really hard but I did groan a number of times

  • Like the earth poses - deep squats and forearm balances (can easily modify)

  • Perfect class for me ~ hips and quads. Not hard at all. A real keeper and perfect length

  • Perfect class for me ~ hips and quads. Not hard at all. A real keeper and perfect length

  • Wow - not a typical Pilates class. Loved it and want to do this and other of her classes frequently!

  • Fast and fiery - perfect energizing practice when u need short. Fast on directions. Perfect!

  • Really enjoy the Pilates - need a long stretchy band for this but we can figutpre out hacks. Great for core

  • Enjoyed forcing me to actually kick up to handstand

  • Nice quick practice w Loy
    To of 1 leg balances. Felt good after country skiing!

  • Fast and fun. Could get air in Fallen angel on my right side. Wasn’t able (yet) toget air on left. Next time!

  • Super hard core. Needs to be part of my regular rotation!

  • Fun, good thigh stretches and fun leg loses

  • Very very nice stretching for both upper body and hips. Perfect Friday afternoon class or whenever I need.

  • Holy crap - so hard!,,, amazing leg and sides. Need to do this ALL the time!,,

  • Amazing. So hard. Great legs and sides. Must do all the time!

  • Moves fast and packs a lot in. Good stuff

  • Great basic class w great thigh stretches. Should do regularly