Lift You Up, Balance You Out

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Pranayama Yoga
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Pranayama yoga, or breath work, can lift you out of a funk or times of fatigue, giving you more energy and mental clarity. It can also calm the nervous system, help you sleep and make you feel better. This class is designed to energize you, wake you up, then calm you down and is perfect for anytime of the day.


A wonderful change of pace
HeatherSue 4 weeks ago

This is the first time that I've ever practiced pranayama yoga and I think I'm hooked! This was a very welcome change of pace to my usual evening vinyasa/power classes, and I'm excited to delve deeper into this other (equally important) aspect of yoga. Thank you :)

Great quick tension release
CeciliaLondon 1 month ago

Quick and very efficient. I feel energised and relaxed at the same time. Can easily be done anytime throughout the day.

Love, it works very well.
Cindy76 11 months ago

Love, it works very well. Thank you!! Might need to purchase and do in my daily practice. :)

First online yoga class
CatherineGordon 1 year ago

My first 'doyoga' experience and very enjoyable! Thank you!

Doing Yoga Asana
Emily2 1 year ago

I don’t find to join a gym, so I use yoga mats for doing exercises for a flat tummy and slim looks. Thanks!

Sleep Aid
vaness 1 year ago

Thank you! This class helped me calm my racing mind and eased me into a good nights sleep.

Great idea!
kevinfcarter 1 year ago

I'll have to start using this class as my go-to when I awaken in the middle of the night with a racing mind.

ama1031 1 year ago

I am not sure why I feel a contradiction of anxiety and some relaxation while doing this breathing. Is that a normal beginner sensation/experience? Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your

Hi, thank you for your question!
Kapalabhati (the first one) is a stimulating, invigorating breathing exercise. If it causes you to feel anxiety at this time, I would recommend skipping it and just doing the second breathing exercise, alternate nostril breathing. Alternate nostril breathing is calming and grounding, so should help to alleviate any feelings of anxiety. Hope that helps! Thank you

Sorry, everyone. It looks
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Sorry, everyone. It looks like it hasn't caused any problem, but this class was mistakenly labelled as a beginner class. We've changed it to intermediate now.