Wild Monkeys

Intermediate III
(24 Reviews)
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Get ready for a wild monkey ride! This class explores linking two challenging yoga postures together: side plank (with toe hold) with splits! Energizing and playful, this is a great practice for challenging yourself to explore new shapes and openings.

Key Pose(s) include: 

  • Side Plank to Hanumanasana (Splits)


  • None


  • Arms/Hands
  • Balance
  • Core Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Legs and Feet


  • Vinyasa/Power Yoga
February 18, 2024

That was so much fun and it flew by! I had been avoiding it because I wasn’t feeling up to the length or the challenge for the past few weeks but I am so glad I finally gave it a whirl! I made it through and felt great the whole time. Thank you Rachel!

February 3, 2024

This was powerful and creative, with thoughtful guidance and pauses to recenter. I really liked the calming breath work at the end, which made it easier to rest in savasana (and I appreciated that it was a little longer too!).

Aidana Kalbaeva
February 2, 2024

Love you, Rachel! You know how to make yoga gentle, challenging and insightful!thank you! Would love to have more of Rachel's long classes PLEASE!

Virginia Rego
January 20, 2024

This feels like I'm hitting the edge of the black runs on the ski-hill (at least I think it feels like that because I don't ski, ha), but it's doable, sort-of, and it's safe to step into the next edge. Thank you!