Superfly Dragonfly

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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Crista moves you through a powerful vinyasa yoga flow that builds in intensity and difficulty level, prepare your body for the wonderfully satisfying advanced pose, maksikanagasana (grasshopper or dragonfly pose in english). You will find that this class has fantastic hip openers, with lots of pigeons, as well as binds, and stretches for the hamstrings and quadriceps. Have fun with this energizing, creative flow!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


MereYoga4Life 2 months ago

Beautiful class that dives right in - great transitions and hip openers. Love Crista's gentle spirit. Thank you!

Cattails 4 months ago

That was perfect, as with every class of yours, Christa. : ) Someday I might even attempt the Dragon Fly. For now, I am pretty amazed with myself that I can twist and put my elbow on the sole of my foot. Thank you for this class. : )

duroc017 7 months ago

I loved this so much!! I felt so many great stretching sensations throughout the practice and this is my second time trying dragon fly, whichI find to be a very fun and delightful pose. Thank you so so many times, Crista.

hillarynk 8 months ago

Despite completely smashing my face into the ground attempting dragonfly pose, I loved this class!

nadonado 1 year ago

Wow....I feel great after this class. Challenging and fun. Crista has a warm and approachable way to conduct tough classes. Thank you.

tamiserene 1 year ago

nearly all my favorite poses, including dragonfly, thanks for now burningout our arms on balances but using the majority of class to open legs and torso

Crivero75 2 years ago

Great class. I feel energized, stretched and open to what the day has to offer. I tried the dragonfly pose but my foot slipped off my elbow and was then pretty impossible to keep my balance. I will definitely do this class again.
Thanks Crista.

Majcom 2 years ago

Wonderful! I wish I could get into Dragonfly, I will keep working on it! Beautiful flow!

Kiva and Sky 2 years ago

Easy entry into Dragonfly. I had never tried to shift the extended leg back before., which for me needs work. I love all Christa's practices.

LucyHB 2 years ago

What a beautiful flow! The peak pose is beyond me but the rest of the class feels almost effortless as the transitions are so smooth. Thank you for another wonderful class Crista!