Hoppity Hops


So much fun!!
duroc017 1 month ago

I did this video for the first time a few days ago, and already want to do it again, it was so fun! Like Christa's other practices, the transitions are very fresh and creative, and I felt so wonderful after the class. I still can't get into a full-fledged handstand, but trying is half the fun I reckon!

I like your sessions for
coyote999 1 month ago

I like your sessions for several reasons but especially because you don't talk too much but get right into it. ( I know, typical guy comment, right?) Thanks for another great exercise!

Deliciously Delightful
freshang23 1 month ago

This one is everything I have come to love about Crista! Hamstrings feel a little jelloish, but it is a welcome feeling. I’ve been asking for more handstand work, this fits the bill! Can’t wait for the advanced version Crista. ;)

That was a new experience!
PeacefulRN 2 months ago

Good to get out of my pattern of strictly flow classes. This was a do-able challenge for for me with some new poses. My middle-aged wrists were protesting a little at one point, and my hops were clunky and tentative, but I appreciated Christa's encouragement and options for modifying the poses. Deep stretches for hips, shoulders, and hamstrings. Thank you!

New Poses to keep things challenging
nadomom 2 months ago

Fun and innovative class. I love learning new poses and Crista always makes things interesting. Thank you.

perfecta25 2 months ago

just found this today. love it! it loosen up all my tight spots, hammies, outer hip, deltoids, neck and shoulders - Ahmazing! and the hopping practice - wow! I didn't know that would work! I love Crista and er giggling makes make laugh!

Delightfully creative sequence
Melanie Lichtinger 2 months ago

Thank you Crista,
for yet another joyfully beaming creative and playful sequence! Loving those, and got to poses I never knew existed!
Hips are very happy now, and overall warm glow.
Always surprises in your classes. Your spirit shines!
Bring on more - esp. intermediate round 40 min - wound be ONEderful!

doubletwizzle 2 months ago

This class was fun and playful, as well as great for stretching my legs. Would LOVE to see a headstand peak pose challenge class.

Playful challenge
deborahcb 2 months ago

You made us work hard but with such joy and support. It's much more fun to do hoppity hops with all your delightful sounds. Thank you for challenging me in a spirited, playful way.