A Yin Practice

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Yin Yoga
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Class Description: 

Satiya guides you through a series of poses that increase flexibility in your hips, legs and spine. She takes her time as she leads you into the deeper, longer-held poses that are typical of yin yoga.


Thank you Satiya
Earthworm 1 week ago

Thank you Satiya, your voice and gentle instruction are wonderful.

This class is fantastic.
Scortesacosta 2 weeks ago

This class is fantastic. Satiya has a beautiful energy and transmits a lot of peace. Thanks <3

This was a very pleasant
DeWaat 2 weeks ago

This was a very pleasant class, thank you Satiya

Great class. I found that the
mkzs23 3 weeks ago

Great class. I found that the kind of "split" leg position was difficult, but it gave me motivation to be better and hopefully have as good as a split as the instructor of this course. I see myself doing this class again! Thank you

natithornberry 1 month ago

Satiya has an amazing pressence. I never thought good energy could be transfered through online practices... Turns out I was wrong! Thank you guys and specially Satiya for sharing this special energy x

Loved this class. ❤ so
Karmakath 1 month ago

Loved this class. ❤ so calming.

Many Thanks :)
sueyo 2 months ago

Truly enjoyed doing this Yin class.... Satiya your amazing, your guidance is inspiring and this was just what my body needs. Loved it so much. Many many thanks :))

Discovered Yin Practice on 30 day challenge and Love it
Rbreid73 3 months ago

Like Sarah Jane's classes, this is another yin class to treasure. Satiya's soothing pace and voice set the tone for a relatively gentle, albeit sometimes challenging set of poses. The additional time spent in poses really enables the hips and spine to open, so much so that when I lay down into shavasana, my back made a lovely cracking sound that made me realise the class had done some good! Thank you Satiya.

Love this class and
mommysue 3 months ago

Love this class and instructor. Great stretches for the lower part of my body.

Love love love
chopper 3 months ago

I loved this class so great for my body effective gentle , beautiful way to start my day !
Thank you so much