A Yin Practice

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Satiya Channer
Yin Yoga
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Satiya guides you through a series of poses that increase flexibility in your hips, legs and spine. She takes her time as she leads you into the deeper, longer-held poses that are typical of yin yoga.


Thank You!
soshedid86 3 weeks ago

This class was calm and relaxing. Loved the hip openers! ♡

Thank you, nice class
Salome 2 months ago

Thank you, nice class

Soft and sweet connecting the
nipper 5 months ago

Soft and sweet connecting the breath with opening. This created space in my spine very safely and was well directed. Thank you Satiya.

Beautiful class
Tiffany Jade 7 months ago

Thank you Satiya for a beautiful, relaxing yoga class. It is lovely to feel stretched and rejuvenated. I agree with many that Satiya has a warm, gentle presence and this is a soothing class.

Help for tight hips?
florisland 9 months ago

Thank you Satiya, I feel rejuvenated after this class :) I have a lot of trouble with forward folds, sitting and standing, as well as any leg extensions. I think it is the tightness in my hamstrings, but it could also be that my upper thighs are too weak to handle the postures. Do you have any recommendations for classes and poses that might help me to improve these issues?

Re: tightness in hamstrings
David Procyshyn 9 months ago

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the class. We have plenty of classes that focus on the hamstrings, as well as strength in the hip flexors. Your best best is David's Establishing Core Strength I and II. You can also check out Happy Hamstrings with Fiji McAlpine, A Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back with David and Yin Yoga for the Hamstrings with Sarah-Jane. You can find all of them by entering their names in the search box in the top right of the Yoga Classes or Home page.

Thank you Satiya
Earthworm 10 months ago

Thank you Satiya, your voice and gentle instruction are wonderful.

This class is fantastic.
Scortesacosta 10 months ago

This class is fantastic. Satiya has a beautiful energy and transmits a lot of peace. Thanks <3

This was a very pleasant
DeWaat 10 months ago

This was a very pleasant class, thank you Satiya

Great class. I found that the
mkzs23 10 months ago

Great class. I found that the kind of "split" leg position was difficult, but it gave me motivation to be better and hopefully have as good as a split as the instructor of this course. I see myself doing this class again! Thank you