Poise and Perseverance: Developing Your 20/20 Vision

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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Bring your awareness inward in this fun flow with Ron Stewart. We often think of vision as something we direct outwards, but in this class Ron flips that idea on its head and helps you direct your attention deep within. Note: Using a blindfold in this class is optional.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Maggie333 2 weeks ago

Such an innovative and amazing class! Like other people here, I didn't use a blindfold, but did keep my eyes closed for as much as the class as possible. It will amaze you what you can do just using your inner vision.

Marieseville 3 months ago

My first ever blindfolded yoga class - I LOVED this experience! it tunes you in so powerfully to your inner awareness and really makes you focus on - and trust - where you are in space. A fantastic challenge, will definitely be repeating and recommending this class to every yogi I know! (and I'm a yoga instructor, so I know a few!)

Thank you for the wonderful guidance, Ron , what a creative teacher you are :)

YoNiki 4 months ago

Thank you Ron!
I really enjoyed this class and will come back to it!

canosjp 4 months ago

Dear Ron,

I want to send you tons of gratitude for today's practice!!!

I had rotator cuff surgery (unrelated to yoga) 6 months ago so that I could get back into my yoga practice pain free. After surgery and 5 months of PT (which I enjoyed), I am finally released to come back to my yoga.

Getting back into it feels amazing. My body remembers so much about the internal strength (I need to redevelop), poses and stretching into them slowly. BUT, this practice today, really helped me focus with just my body on the yoga you guided us through. It was one of the most amazing experiences and joyful EVER and I think my favorite yoga class of all time!!!! Blind yoga helps you see more than any other class I have done. Turning on that inner eye is the key and this class helped me really do that!!!

Your directions were wonderful to follow even with my eyes closed because I had to use that inner focus and trust my body, what it remembers and moving slowly to re-build my strength.

I will be repeating this over and over. I strongly recommend it (for all practitioners and especially if you have had a similar surgery and are cleared) and I THANK YOU!!!!!

By the way, your classes always help me focus on keeping my chest open and my shoulder blades closed. I really need that right now and think it will help anyone maintain a strong upper body and posture (hopefully, helping prevent future shoulder issues for myself and all yogis).

Thank you for helping me make my last sixth months worth it!!! You are the best!


Ron Stewart 4 months ago

Hi Julie
This comment, and you sharing your experience, just made my day.
Thank you for that, and all the best on your road to full recovery!

kaceyjo 5 months ago

Your classes are always fun and playful! I tried keeping my eyes close, but peeked once or twice. I'll try it next time with a blindfold. Thank you! xo

Elong 6 months ago

As always, a great practice. This was my first class of 2020 after a two week vacation and I really needed it! I am looking forward to more from Ron. Thank you.

sng4ever 6 months ago

What a fascinating and different practice. I loved trying to do the whole practice with my eyes closed. It was great to go inside! Thanks Ron. You always provide a wonderful practice.

missyh 6 months ago

What a nice, relaxing practice to kick off 2020! This was my first time participating in one of Ron's classes. I found his teaching style to be both calming and comforting. Thank you and best wishes in the new year.

deborahcb 6 months ago

This was a fun, challenging concept to do the entire practice blindfolded. It felt like the perfect entrance to the new year. I appreciated experiencing yoga in a different way, challenging my balance without sight and allowing for a deeper mind-body connection. At times I wanted more specific direction, but I also gave into the freedom of moving my body without focusing on creating the perfect pose. Thank you for offering this.