Inversion Buffet

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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In this invigorating and upbeat inversion extravaganza, Rachel takes you through an exploration of all the key inversions: handstand, forearm stand, headstand, and shoulderstand. Note: You will need a wall to do the practice.

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 7 of Rachel's 7-Day Inversion Challenge.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


amit.chaturvedi... 1 month ago

Can’t put it in words how I feel completing inversion challenge. Have been thinking of it for so long.
The sessions are so deep and detail oriented. Rachel is a Super Star. Although following such details is hard, the way you have gone through with so much patience and compassion it made it very easy. Thank you very much Rachel and team!I need to more work to improve my balancing. Can’t wait to get on to another challenge.

sng4ever 2 months ago

A really nice 7 day workshop and a nice flow of all that was learned over the past 6 days.

mesonic98 2 months ago

This was a wonderful series, thank you so much. Inversions are part of my regular practice but your careful and thoughtful teaching has given me a ton of new tools to use in my practice and a new ways to approach being upside down. I also really appreciated the great core integration work. Hope you will do more of these.

lesslittle 2 months ago

I was very tired today, my body needs well deserved rest, but my body feels so strong and ready for inversions. I will definitely repeat this challenge soon. Thank you and Namaste!

Rachel Scott 2 months ago

You are so welcome!! Bravo for getting to the mat, in spite of being tired. And now - YES! Well deserved rest :) (Filming this series kicked my butt, too LOL)

jmitton 2 months ago

Powerful 7-day series! Each practice builds on the other and Rachel's exceptional instruction really makes you feel/understand the interconnected parts to inversions. I learned a lot about how to build more strength in my shoulders/upper back and core. Thank you--really appreciate and enjoyed the targeted focus.

Rachel Scott 2 months ago

I'm so glad that you were able to participate in the challenge - and excited about the experience of integration. There are soo many moving parts in inversions - wonderful to hear that this provided you with another layer to explore in your practice :)

Sea_How 2 months ago

Loved this 7 Day series! So much attention to detail and some wonderful steps to continue incorporating into my daily practice:-)
Thank you so much for providing this! Doyogawithme has been a big part of this COVID time for me. Invaluable!!!

Rachel Scott 2 months ago

So happy to hear that ~I'm so glad you enjoyed the inversion challenge!! And I'm with you...I'm so grateful for this online community to practice and connect during this time XOX