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  • super good stretch for inner thighs, lower and mid-back and sides. Love her gentle voice and calm nature. soothing

  • good flow, hip openers, mind-body connection

  • lovely opening and contracting, gentle stretching

  • good overall practice with nice twists

  • Good stretching, mind connection, good for outer hips

  • short, strong, challenging flow. Feel more connected to mind, spirit

  • satisfyingly short practice that opens shoulders and hips and is creative

  • Strong, slow practice. Good stretches and also challenging due to long holds. Good outer thigh, shoulder openings. Feel calm and quiet and present.

  • when you don't feel like you can handle a lot, this is perfect. also good stress reliever, calming

  • good short practice that stretches shoulders and is strong. It's wonderful to do when I need a reminder of my light and energy of love.

  • such good stretches and opening with wonderful words to ponder