Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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In this intermediate flow, Fiji invites you to dig deep into your commitment and determination to show up in any way you can on your mat. The class offers different levels and variations in some key poses to allow for in-the-moment responses to the body's needs. This practice is intended to strengthen your ability stay committed to daily practice and to allow the practice to tune into and meet your needs one day at a time.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


pawsforjoy 2 days ago

Deeply satisfying. Exactly what my body and my soul were calling for today. Thanks Fiji, as always.

Really enjoyed this class, it
KLsummer 3 days ago

Really enjoyed this class, it's the perfect combination of movement and meditation.

Thank you for the peaceful
hollyeager 1 week ago

Thank you for the peaceful flow - love your steady yet patient pace, the information you offer about poses and physiological effects, and the meditations of encouragement.

Himalaya V 1 week ago

So unique, original, supportive and encouraging, thank you Fiji!

great class and style
jadefireswan 2 weeks ago

Love hour long Fiji classes. I can feel my strength deepen in my shoulders, core, and legs. Also.... where are your sweet pants from?

Happy you like it!
Fiji McAlpine 1 week ago

Hi Jade,

I am so happy to hear you like the practice and the pants! I actually picked those up at a great store called Winners here in Canada.

So, for the first 20 minutes
pippalotta 2 weeks ago

So, for the first 20 minutes of this class, I made up so many excuses in my head on why I was going to stop it early: 'too tired', 'too weak', 'not the right mood'...but I didn't stop it, I stayed till the end and to get there and hear Fiji speak her final words on commitment and mustering energy or whatever we need to muster to stay determined- I realised that had been the perfect class for me today. Thank you Fiji

Great class!
LucyHB 2 weeks ago

Oooh a new Fiji class! This started slowly and was a gentle, calming class but quite challenging too in places, I really enjoyed the pace and flow, and there were lots of wonderful releases for the shoulders which I always appreciate! Great stuff again, thanks Fiji!