Renew and Restore I

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Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Fiji brings together the power of a vinyasa yoga flow and the deep, restful nature of restorative yoga in this wonderfully vibrant class. She begins slowly, building into a creative sequence filled with openers for the legs, hips, shoulders and back, then slows down again to take advantage of the body's heat by spending more time on deeper stretches, before sinking into sivasana. Note: to learn how to make your own bolster at home, click here.


Maybe my fave Fiji class!
green2u 1 month ago

A beautiful blend of slow but challenging stretches and poses. And thanks to the bolster, I was able to hold the back bend which has been been a challenge for me in the past. Thanks!

[email protected] 1 month ago

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Fiji and the team because I again think this video is really amazing! I have a question. Since a couple of weeks my legs and knees really hurt sometimes, yesterday I did this yoga class and through most of the class my legs were really shaking. I never had this before. Today my legs are just really sore. What do you think is happening in my body? Also what yoga classes do you suggest to do now? I did not feel pain during the class - my legs were just really strongly shaking.

Thank you!!!

Legs Shaking
Fiji McAlpine 1 month ago

Hi There,

I am happy you like the practice! I am sorry to hear that you have had some leg and knee pain over the past few weeks, it is important to listen to cues from your body and rest when needed. Knee pain in particular is something to be very mindful of! There are few reasons that your legs may have been shaking during class, unfortunately I won't be able to tell you exactly why. It is most likely that your muscles were fatigued by the work load, this would also explain the legs being sore the following day. Muscle strength comes with time so be patient in challenging poses and give yourself the opportunity to take breaks.

A very beautiful blend of
Paulette9 3 months ago

A very beautiful blend of warmth and cool! Fantastic class! thank you, Fiji!

Beautiful class when I didn't feel like doing anything
chopper 8 months ago

I know that I never regret doing a yoga class with figi and this one was tailored made for me and my sore back today . I know I say this all the time but truly one of my favourite classes I love the smooth clear transitions and how good I now feel . Also love the little chuckle always makes me smile
Peace and love
Southampton Ontario

This is just so yummy, thank
Wilddatura 8 months ago

This is just so yummy, thank you. This is my favorite before bedtime practice. It gets all the "stuff" of the day out and leaves me ready to just melt into my bed. Thank you!!!!

Wonderful!! Thank you for all
jaxs yoga 9 months ago

Wonderful!! Thank you for all your amazing classes!!

Fiji McAlpine, thank you very
cleofrossard 11 months ago

Fiji McAlpine, thank you very much. Closing the 30 day challenge wonderfully!