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  • Great sun salutation A-based short class with a great pace, not too slow, not too fast. Some intermediate variations of standing bends. Works up the heartbeat but not a sweat. Feel all stretched out too at the end.

  • Fantastic and creative with lots of strength and balance work (ses Excel file for details)

  • To try

  • This class starts with a general warm-up flow preparing the shoulders for wheel pose (Urdhva Danurasana), then segués into the peak pose itself, in two parts - preparation and intermediate postures using props, then the full pose and its variations (walking wheel, and one-legged wheel). It is designed so the student can work their way up to the full pose and more advanced variants over days, weeks or months. As I am still unable to hoist myself up into wheel, even with the props, I should do this one regularly...

  • This is a fantastic class that really works the arms and shoulders as well as the abs and pretty much the whole body as well. I really worked up a sweat and felt so relaxed and

  • Good, solid arm strength-based power yoga class that uses lots of isometrics as well as planks, side planks, chatturangas, wild thing and other arm work. I should do this class often to reap the arm-strength benefits! I don’t feel the “beginner” notation is correct, I would say this is more of a low intermediate class.

  • Nice class with advanced transitions and poses (wild thing into bridge and then to down dog, plank variations, bound side-angle into bird of paradise and back, etc.). I started the class under bad conditions (wrong mat), but should definitely try again. And again !

    29/04/2019 : Just did it again, and had an amazing yoga breakthrough, even two (kind of)! I managed to do tittibhasana (firefly) for the first time! Just incredible! Then a bit later in the class I went on to do eka hasta bhujasana (elephant's trunk) sort of (my extended leg and bum don't get very high though) and then hooked my ankles together and almost do eight angle pose (astavakrasana). I am in total shock and bewonderment!
    However, I still can't do the wild thing to upward wheel transition and then back over into down dog. I'll have to get to practicing my drop backs (from Yoga fun at the wall with Crista), and then I'm sure I'll nail it!
    All in all, a really fantastic class, to do over and over again!

  • Fantastic class, more intermediate than beginner, that works on the prerequisites and useful tips for doing arm balances. It’s a really great workout for the whole body, and especially for the arms, shoulders and upper back. I managed to do crow and stay in it for more than 2 seconds (7 maybe?), but didn’t manage the other key pose, Koundinyasana l. To do over and over!

  • Nice class for waking up that has a lot of poses that are accessible for beginners but with a bit extra for non-beginners who are looking for a not too challenging all-around energizer and feel-good class.

  • Great all-levels hatha flow class with an easy pace that gently yet effectively stretches, wakes up and energizes both body and mind.

  • Wonderful short class that really wakes you up in a nice stretchy yet power-yoga sort of way. Highly recommended for early morning when you can't immediately start being productive. It starts with some nauli breath work to get the digestive juices flowing, then delves into some really interesting atypical feel-good wake-up vinyasa-ish stuff. Really nice!!!

  • Great all-levels sus salutations flow class that builds up to full sun salutations in a steady, paced way which wakes up the body and quickens the breath. Nice for the morning, to try then

  • Great pranayama session. Starts with belly breathing then some expulsion breath, and finally 5 rounds of kapalabhati, each progressively longer than the last. There is a short integration pause after each round. Really energizing and cleansing. Highly recommended.

  • Amazing class, gave it a 7 on a scale of 1 to 5. See my review in my Excel file on online yoga classes

  • Amazing

  • Amazing, see my Excel file for detailed comment

  • See my table for review. Fantastic class !

  • Amazing class, see table for details! The beginning can be done as a stand-alone sun salutations class (up to about 19 minutes)

  • To do

  • Excellent challenging class with several arm balances as key poses: bakasana, Eka Pada galavasana from standing, forearm balance and handstand at the wall, and elephant trunk to eight-angle pose. I have made great improvements in bakasana, staying in it for about three and a half to four breaths and doing it successfully four times in a row. And I was also able to do forearm stand with both legs against the wall and stay in it a little while, and felt much more stable in my attempts to get my feet against the wall in handstand although I’m not yet there. As for eka pada eight-angle pose, I’m not yet there either, but I feel I am advancing toward them. A class to do over and over, so good for me!!!

  • This is a pure power vinyasa class in classic (tough) Fiji style. It concentrates on long hold in standing poses, lots of high lunges and arrow poses, so you should be in good physical and mental health to get through it. No advanced poses, just lots of hip and leg strengthening, as well as prayer poses with variations. Once on the ground, we do an arm balance that I have never seen before, but which I managed to do, much to my surprise. It's a variation on elephant's trunk pose where the are that is usually supporting the bent leg from underneath and against the elbow actually pushes back into and around the bent leg with the foot on the floor in order to lift it up at the same time as the extended leg by pushing down strongly with both arms. Sounds complication by isn't really.

  • Great class to sweat and get the heart beating fast. Lots of sun salutation B’s and core consciousnesses, but in a good way. Cardioyoga!

  • To try

  • Incredible class with some great creative transitions, amazing hip openers and some wonderful dynamic postures like only Crista knows how to do! There are quite a few peak poses, including one I have never seen or done before (khalaveravasana ? can't find with this spelling), bridge to shoulder stand, and so many more. To do over and over again, really amazing !

  • Fantastic all-level class to relax, always feel great after this one.

  • Exceptional class, see comments in my Excel table