Workshopping Wheel Pose

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This is a brand new DYWM class format. Fiji has designed this video with a peak pose in mind (Wheel Pose, or Urdhva Dhanurasana), and has built the class in 3 sections, with the purpose of preparing your body to move into wheel safely and effectively. The three sections are: 1) Warming up to wheel pose, 2) Moving into wheel pose and 3) Deepening wheel pose, and you can stop with a short Savasana after 1 or 2 and take weeks or months to move onto part 3, when your body is ready. Even though we call this a workshop, it is still mostly a flow, and typical to Fiji, it is challenging. Give us feedback below. If you like this format, we'll do more like this in the future.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


chefgirl 2 years ago

Holy moly! I've been doing wheel pose for a while now, but had never thought to try walking in it, what a challenge! I especially like the reminders to keep the toes turned in to conserve energy in the legs. I love back-bending and would love to see more videos dedicated to it. Thank-you, Fiji!

Adventuress42 3 years ago

Look at me, Ma!! I'm in Wheel!!!


Slowly slowly getting there with all these great instructions but also, this is a great flow just to do for itself.

silverstream 3 years ago

I really liked this. I think it was a great idea to do to the video in different sections but keep them all together for people to use them for progression. The time went really quickly and I need to work more for to hold the final poses for the full length but I really enjoyed all of it.

Maybe section markers could be shown on the time bar if people want to skip the middle bit but I personally enjoyed working throug the whole thing.

Thanks Fiji!


Katharina K. 3 years ago

Thank you for this workshop class!
I really enjoyed the warm up and the switches between wheel and dophin pose. However I was a little frustrated as there were too many resting times for me, so my body didn't stay warm during the practise but cooled off too quickly in between the poses.

Looking forward to more workshop classes, but perhaps with more continuity of strength building and keeping the body active and warm and a little longer releasing and calming down at the end.
Love, Katharina

lisahuck 3 years ago

I've been struggling with getting back up there again. This was very useful. Thank you!

sydnirae 3 years ago

I loved the flow at the beginning and the deepening at the end, but I was a little confused about the format. As someone who is comfortable with wheel already, I found Part 2 frustrating, and I wonder if people who benefit most from Part 2 would be able to do the variations in Part 3. In the future, it might be beneficial to post a workshop like this as two videos, one for the basics and one for deepening a pose once the basics are mastered. It might be easier to even just write what time each section starts.

I would LOVE a workshop on shoulder stand. Thank you!

sydnirae 3 years ago

I meant forearm stand, but shoulder stand would be lovely too :-).

antigone 3 years ago

I really liked this. I still struggle with the leg extension variation but also found that I didn't have the strength to do the walking variation, so that tells me I am still needing to build up the strength and stamina.