Morning Slow Hatha Yoga Flow

Morning Slow Hatha Yoga Flow

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Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Some people have trouble waking up in the morning, so Melissa designed this class so that you can move slowly at first, to shake the sleep out of your eyes, before moving into poses that you need to wake up for. This is a gentle class that will feel deeply satisfying if you allow yourself to sink into it. Music provided by Yogitunes. To listen to or purchase the playlist, go here.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


Wonderful Morning Starter
Pam Palmer 1 month ago

Ready to have a Peaceful and Productive day! Post-Hurricane Michael!

Great class but it kept cutting out
VictoriaKatie 4 months ago

Wonderful morning wake up. Gentle and cleansing. The video kept cutting out. No obvious reason why. Hopefully next time technology will decide to behave for me! Namaste.

Fantastic Class!
[email protected] 4 months ago

I was looking to bring yoga back into my life and thought I would start with 20 minute morning sessions. This class is really wonderful. I didn't truly think it would help me wake up but it did! I also enjoyed how my body felt much looser at the end of the session. Thank you so much!

Melissa Krieger 5 months ago

Sometimes I just come to my routines to see all my nice comments! Lots of love to you all and so happy you are digging this one! xo- Melissa

ngrace 5 months ago

I love this creative class. The side stretches and circling movements really helped to release some tension.
Thank you Melissa!

awesome short class to start the day or refresh any time
HappyHappyJoyJoy 5 months ago

I love Melissa's classes. Her style reminds me of when I lived at Kripalu yoga center.

Thank you!!!
CJM 5 months ago

That felt great!!! I like the range of motion and movement, varying a touch from more traditional poses. Thank you!!!

This is great
Fawnglen 5 months ago

Am going to do that every morning from now!

Thank you!
mjfara 7 months ago

Thank you so much for this class!