Sun Salutations I

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Melissa's pace, style and attention to detail are perfect for this short variation on Sun Salutations. This is a great class first thing in the morning or when you only have 20 minutes to rejuvenate yourself in the middle of the day. Have fun!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


sng4ever 1 year ago

What a lovely little practice. Great for anyone and everyone - beginner or not.

Nyamyj 2 years ago

Great short class to get me rejuvenated and ready to start my day. As always, great instructions Melissa. As a beginner, I was pleasantly surprised I could keep up the pace, thanks to great instruction. I especially enjoyed coming up from forward hold with dropping the hips. This took stress off my lower back. I will incorporate this into my practice. Namaste.

Rbreid73 3 years ago

This is my 'go to' class when I am short on time but in need of an energising fix to start my day. This covers a wide range of poses in the time, with Melissa's expert guidance helping me through the set of poses to generate heat before the calming shavasana. Thank you.

squammymommy 4 years ago

Great, effective workout with clear directions. I feel warmed up and ready to continue my day. 18

Sphy 4 years ago

I was feeling tired and yucky. I did this practice during my lunch hour and even though it is quick, it totally transformed my day for the better. Thank you ! Will be doing this practice whenever I need a quick pick me up!

Ivky 4 years ago

I have not participated in yoga for quite some time so finding this video and instructor really helped to calm my nerves as well as reintroduce me into a beautiful world.
The voice of the instructor makes a difference when trying to tap into another level of awareness so listening to Melissa was extremely soothing. Also, this entire video was incredibly enjoyable because of the explanation of poses, breathing, and pace needed to complete each step properly. Thank you for this wonderful video!

faye.h 4 years ago

Excellent quick practice.
I really enjoyed it.

tamarmot 4 years ago

really nice class! You didn't say aloud when to move into the lunge in that series and I was always behind :)