Elevate Day 6

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (42 votes)
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This class can be done as a stand-alone class or as day 6 in Fiji's 14-Day Yoga Challenge, Elevate. Fiji sets out to challenge your balance in this class, paying particular attention to setting up good foundations as she takes you through a multi-level approach to a variety of arm balance poses. Note that it will help if you have a clear piece of wall to practice against.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


shumanfoo 1 week ago

I love arm balances and inversions so this class was great for me. The only one I have never been able to do is the seated one where you shoot your legs out to the side. It might be my body shape or inflexibility in a certain area. But this class with it’s warmup gives me hope which is a good thing. Thanks Fiji!

aljopier57 1 week ago

Figi- such great help for the arm balances, forearm and headstand being especially challenging for me, but this practice seems to be wonderfully slowly progressive. Just loved this class! I think I will enjoy the journey to getting just a little closer every day. Namaste!

kgoldman 4 months ago

All of her classes are my favorites but today in particular really resonated with me. Today was INCREDIBLE on both a spiritual and physical level. Today I flew literally and physically and I loved flipping my perspective! Millimeter by Millimeter, breath by breath <3

yvonnelovessatm... 6 months ago

Thank you Fiji. Crow pose is my nemesis but I am determined to do it one day as well as a headstand and maybe a handstand - I did these easily as a child but at 58 I feel a bit like an elephant! Your explanations and options are very reassuring and I will definitely come back to this class.

bwoodb 8 months ago

Thank you, Fiji for the way that you carefully describe the different stages of a challenge. I’m going to be 60 this year, I say this as someone that has been a yoga practitioner for 20 years. I’ve enjoyed many forms of practice, but Vinyasa best of all. I now have arthritis which means that things that I used to be able to take for granted now cause discomfort. I have always been a strong (capable) person. Aging processes are especially humbling in the yoga practice. Your clear staging gives me a sense of accomplishment, rather than seeing what I can’t do anymore. I never could do crow (never liked it) but under your guidance I still try. Left to my own devices I wouldn’t go near it. Again, thank you, sincerely for this gift during the pandemic, I’m doing a new fresh class with you every day, the stimulation and challenge is an invaluable contribution to my health and well-being.

jenna audrey 8 months ago

Aw that was a really fun class! Just wish my baby wasnt sleeping downstairs haha I couldn't risk the thump if while kicking up into handstand. Its killing me though. As soon as hes up I'm going to do it! haha Reminds me of being a kid. We used to do well handstands all the time for fun. :) Thanks again Fiji. I'm going to come back to this practice even when this challenge is over.

Amazinganya 9 months ago

Today was so much fun! I can tell I am getting stronger as I was almost able to hold myself up on the eight-angle pose. Thanks again for such a great class!