Warm Up Sun Salutations

Intermediate II
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This is the sun salutation flow that Crista uses in her own practice. It's short and simple, and is quite gentle as far as intermediate classes go. You can do this vinyasa yoga class as a practice in itself, if you don't have a lot of time, or as preparation for another longer practice. The sun salutations have a nice pace and Crista's careful guidance allows you to let go into a meditative style of moving.


  • None


  • Vigorous/Energy
  • Spine
  • Flexibility
  • Morning


  • Vinyasa/Power Yoga
January 11, 2020

I absolutely love this practice. I've done it so many times, under so many different circumstances: pressed for time, warm-up for something else, cool-down from something else, haven't practiced in forever and need a jump-start, feeling under the weather, nursing an injury, in a bad mood, stretch before bed -- you name it. It's a perfect little gem of a practice. Love it love it.