Firefly Pose: Arm Strength

Intermediate II
(110 Reviews)
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Note: Fiji says you need two blocks for this class, but you can also use two books of the same thickness. In part one of Fiji's 3-part series leading you to firefly pose (tittibhasana), she works on strengthening the arms. She emphasizes the muscles that are needed in this challenging arm balance to prepare you for the final peak pose, that you will be doing in part three. Fiji's focus, intelligent progression and clarity make this class wonderfully fulfilling and energizing. This class will get you where you need to be for the next ones in the series: Firefly Pose: Strengthen and Lengthen and Firefly Pose: Workshop.



  • Block


  • Vigorous/Energy
  • Strength
  • Spine
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Neck/Shoulders
  • Arms/Hands


  • Vinyasa/Power Yoga
February 1, 2023

Great class. Challenging enough to build some good strength. I am surprised I’ve never done this one, but it’s one I will come back to.

November 10, 2022

Wonderful work for hands and shoulders. Thanks!

September 11, 2022

Amazing practice! It's both invigorating and challenging. Loved the call to remember to release and soften while building strength. Thanks Fiji!

May 21, 2022

That was good. Yesterday I only got half way through the class, today I got to the end, although still had to modify a lot and couldn't hold all of the poses for as long as suggested. I started practicing yoga 15+ years ago. 5 years spent doing Jivamukti aggravated a shoulder injury I already had because I wasn't listening to my body (and the teachers weren't encouraging me to listen to my body either), so then I spent 10 years learning to soften. Now I'm realising I also have to work on strength but this time trying to do it with a great deal of awareness and sensitivity towards my body, which is easily said but quite another thing to actually do. I would like to see the demonstrations show some of the modifications because attempting to go beyond what our body is ready for is likely going to result in injury and little else and it happens all the time. I do it all the time and I see it in classes all the time. Its in our culture to push beyond even if we're not ready for it. I'm sure there are a lot of people who can execute a perfect chaturanga like Fiji, and I'm sure there are also a hell of a lot of people who would be better off with the modification at this stage. When we're strengthening we cannot put too much emphasis on listening to the body. Just my thoughts. Thank you for the class and for the subscription which I think is excellent value for money 🙏🏻