Firefly Pose: Arm Strength

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Class Description: 
***Note: Fiji asks you to have two blocks for this class, but you can also use two books of the same thickness.*** In part one of Fiji's 3-part series leading you to firefly pose (tittibhasana), she works on strengthening the arms. She emphasizes the muscles that are needed in this challenging arm balance to prepare you for the final peak pose, that you will be doing in part three. Fiji's focus, intelligent progression and clarity make this class wonderfully fulfilling and energizing. You need two blocks for this class.


It was good to have more
Helen Alford 2 weeks ago

It was good to have more focus on chataranga. I certainly feel like I did some work in this class, I must admit I skipped some bits and it would have taken a high speed camera to capture my feet lifting but I'm sure if I did this regularly it would make a big difference to my practice.

My arms will love u
Mhare 1 month ago

I missed seeing you in person today so I did this lovely class. I so need to build the arm strength.

gumbymom 1 month ago

Really like this class. As I continue will my wrist pain diminish? (I'm 50 and a farmer, so they've had a hard life)

thank you for this, I think
ElisseAV 1 month ago

thank you for this, I think next time i could do 2 milliseconds, wow!

So Perfect!
lpyles 1 month ago

Fiji I have been doing your classes for 4years and somehow your classes keep getting better. I love the focus on technique and building strength. Thanks for your devotion to bringing us new classes to help develop better practices. Just finished doing your 14 day challenge and this is a great class to follow up that challenge as it really help to increase strength.

Thanks for the encouragement
carawayandcumin 2 months ago

I didn't think I could do a millisecond, but then you convinced me I could, and I did! Then my eyes filled with tears of gratitude for the strength I am building and the fulfillment practicing yoga is giving me. Thank you.

Sea2Sea 2 months ago

What an incredible class! Fiji's instruction and encouragement are making this challenging class a weekly go-to for me. My arms are wiped out. The 'breaks' are were enough to keep me going. Thank you so much for this arm-strengthening yoga class!

Whooosh! This was such a
emhenry 2 months ago

Whooosh! This was such a great class! Not just because it really is such a great strength builder, but also because Fiji was just so lovely! When she said "I'll be here for you, you just be here for me" I really felt my heart lift! I am so grateful to Fiji- and this website- for giving me access to such an incredible teacher. Love xx

What a great class! I did
madisontaylorbrand 2 months ago

What a great class! I did this after my morning cup of joe, and it brought so much happiness and energy to my day! I absolutely love Fiji's classes and the dynamic flow. I feel like I am right there with her. My arms feel great today! Thanks Fiji!

Kiratee 2 months ago

That was the best class I've done in ages. Your attention to detail and the space you give the poses ensure that we are truly building strength from the most solid base possible. What an excellent and inspiring teacher you are, Fiji :) I hope one day to be able to practice with you in person. Also, thank you to the DYWM team for filming in such a beautiful location. It seemed to make the hard work seem slightly more bearable, haha!