Yoga Fun at the Wall

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Instructor Crista Shillington
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This dynamic, full-body vinyasa yoga class takes a well-balanced approach to the body, moving the spine in all directions and including opportunities to release so many muscle groups, including the hamstrings, hips, hip flexors, back and shoulders. As you move through the flow, Crista incorporates using the wall in a creative, supportive way, while progressing safely toward two challenging poses, forearm balance and wheel.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


MariamS 2 days ago

With the wall supported handstand I was able to touch the wall with one foot for just a sliver of a moment. Finally! It took a second to realize it because it had never happened before. Will definitely be coming back to this class for more practice. Thank you Crista, a fun, light hearted and energizing class.

Mind and body opening
kapkap 1 week ago

Thank you for showing us how to use a wall as support and resistance, for mind and body possibilities. Although I could not do the handstands and only part of the backbends down the wall, this was incredibly fun and a measure of what I have so far learned to do in your classes. Your spirit and cheer make me smile, even when you tell us to turn the corners of our mouths up, and I am so grateful to have your guidance. Thanks, Crista!