5 Poses to Wheel

Hatha Yoga
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You couldn't ask for a better lead up to wheel in such a short amount of time. Rachel is so thorough and careful with which poses she chooses, ending up with a class that releases the key muscles to allow your body to open up into Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose).


Arleah 1 year ago

feels so good after doing it.. i didn't feel any pain in my wrists..so glad to know that my body is capable of doing it. :D you are such a good teacher!

Rachel Scott 1 year ago

Hi, I'm so happy that your wrists felt okay! It definitely can be a tough one on the hands. So happy you enjoyed!

This is a great video and I
Evie Jenkins 1 year ago

This is a great video and I can successfully do a wheel, however I find that after I do the wheel, my wrists and hands hurt and I can not continue doing yoga until a few hours have passed for my wrists/hands to rest. Do you know of any way that I can fix this? Thank you!

Wrists and hands, oh my!
Rachel Scott 1 year ago

Hi Evie!
This is a common issue with the pose, as it demands that we use a lot of wrist flexion. Check out this video that I took during a teacher training where we offer blocks as a modification . You tilt them up the wall to take pressure off the wrists. Feels great in the shoulders too. And don't worry - they won't slip! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HlY44jOplc Let me know how it goes!

Couldn't do the wheel this

Couldn't do the wheel this time but will continue to try. Too weak in my arms and stiff in my hip flexors and back.

Working towards wheel
Rachel Scott 1 year ago

Wheel is a big pose! Keep working on the prep postures and you'll find you're body will shift. It can often take months to feel the change. Persistence and patience is everything :)

You are an amazing teacher!
linjenn 1 year ago

You are an amazing teacher! After practicing yoga regularly for 3 years, I was finally able to do my first wheel pose ever! I was so excited, I had to redo the pose to make sure it wasn't a fluke! Thank you!

Rachel Scott 1 year ago

Hi there, that's amazing!! Congratulations! It's so satisfying when we find these little cues that sometimes transform our ability to do something! Yay, keep playing with it, happy to hear that this pathway in worked for you :) Rachel

I haven't regularly done the
vintage liza 1 year ago

I haven't regularly done the titular pose since participating in gymnastics as a child and generally considered it a thing of the past. Imagine how surprised I was to find myself *easily* popping up into wheel at the end of this class! Sure, it's not the prettiest wheel anyone's ever seen but the boost I've gotten from these past few weeks from unearthing what I thought was a gone-for-good asana is gorgeous!

Rachel Scott 1 year ago

It's always inspiring to find that these poses are still in there! A little work, a little patience, who knows what we may find :) thanks for watching! Rachel