Hatha Yoga for Arm Strength

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Anastasia Hangemanole
Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Anastasia gives you a tough shoulder work-out in this 30-minute hatha yoga class, including many variations of plank pose and downward facing dog pose, while pacing the class so that you rest at the right times.


Challenging Class
birdnthesky 2 months ago

This class was challenging for me but I what I need to build strength. It was very hard on my writsts. I wish modifications were offered during the routine. I read the ones in the comments and came up with a few of my own but still feel like it was too much for my wrists.

wrist modifications
Anastasia Hange... 2 months ago

Glad to hear you are building strength and trying out classes that challenge you, and sorry that your wrists were hurting. Unfortunately putting weight on your hands like that is hard to avoid in many yoga classes, but you can always try making fists or going doing in your elbows. The other thing is to rest when needed - that's the nice thing about this medium is being able to pause. So when your wrists hurt, pause, give them a gentle shake, and perhaps doing a counter stretch by putting the backs of your hands together, fingers down.

Something to work towards
Hjhbutterfly 2 months ago

I've only been doing yoga for about 6 weeks, so perhaps that's why I found this so difficult. I probably made it less than 20 before resting a lot and ultimately not finishing. Is this more intermediate than beginner? Either way, it felt like a fun challenge...relaxing because of the focus it required. I'll be coming back to this regularly and looking forward to getting better at it, as with all of my yoga practice.

Beginner vs Intermediate?
Anastasia Hange... 2 months ago

First - welcome to the wonderful world of yoga! I would say that being so new to yoga is definitely part of the reason you found this class so challenging. You may be in great shape, but some of these poses may be asking you to use muscles and muscle groups that you rarely use or build. They require a fair bit of core strength.

In terms of whether this is more of a beginner or intermediate class, there are no hard fast rules in yoga, which makes it hard sometimes to designate classes as one or the other. I would say that this could either be a really advanced beginner class, or an easier intermediate class. What I like about it being beginner is that it asks people to challenge themselves, and hopefully I have provided good enough instruction to help you through it safely. Try again and rest as much as you need.

Great feeling after this
Yvonne207 5 months ago

Great feeling after this session - my arms feel stronger and I feel as though I've worked my core too. Thanks!

Nice class maybe a bit
Meggybear 8 months ago

Nice class maybe a bit challenging for people with weaker arm. I love the bird chirping in sivasana too. The side plank modification with a blended leg might help those struggling mid class. I found myself modifying the second side. Thanks again.

great workout for my arms and core
chopper 9 months ago

I have been looking for this class and did not realize I could type in arms in the search bar!!
Loved this challenging class , great little work out in a nut shell!
Thank you

Terrific for my arms and core!
BecRueter 10 months ago

Another class to add to my rotation! Just in time for summer.... :)

rachaelross 11 months ago

I'm a beginner, and though I did find this challenging, it was so worth it! It felt like a did an hour long class. Namaste :)

challenging as a beginner - but worth it
keziahbkeziah 11 months ago

agree with the other comments that i read after doing this practice for the first time. it did challenge me more than expected. but the flow was excellent, and i feel myself working into building up strength each time. grateful for modifications until i get there!