Hatha Yoga for Arm Strength

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Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Class Description: 

Anastasia gives you a tough shoulder work-out in this 30-minute hatha yoga class, including many variations of plank pose and downward facing dog pose, while pacing the class so that you rest at the right times.


Great feeling after this
Yvonne207 1 month ago

Great feeling after this session - my arms feel stronger and I feel as though I've worked my core too. Thanks!

Nice class maybe a bit
Meggybear 4 months ago

Nice class maybe a bit challenging for people with weaker arm. I love the bird chirping in sivasana too. The side plank modification with a blended leg might help those struggling mid class. I found myself modifying the second side. Thanks again.

great workout for my arms and core
chopper 5 months ago

I have been looking for this class and did not realize I could type in arms in the search bar!!
Loved this challenging class , great little work out in a nut shell!
Thank you

Terrific for my arms and core!
BecRueter 6 months ago

Another class to add to my rotation! Just in time for summer.... :)

rachaelross 6 months ago

I'm a beginner, and though I did find this challenging, it was so worth it! It felt like a did an hour long class. Namaste :)

challenging as a beginner - but worth it
keziahbkeziah 7 months ago

agree with the other comments that i read after doing this practice for the first time. it did challenge me more than expected. but the flow was excellent, and i feel myself working into building up strength each time. grateful for modifications until i get there!

Surprise Intensity
Melanie Lichtinger 7 months ago

Yeah, that was definitely more in the intermediate spectrum! Loved the structure and focus: Building foundation first and then working with arm / shoulder focus. Amazing and very inspiring how you can instruct in a chill, calm way while doing these challenging arm poses, Anastasia. Loved how Wild Thing turned out, after the build-up. Will re-visit often. Another great one for desk sitters like me.

Thank you for all the great classes, Anastasia, and DYWM team - I keep raving about you. And will take you with me when I travel. Just love the outdoor classes enveloped by the Victoria landscape.

Hey, tech qu: is there a way we can find our own comments? A search function for that? Would be cool to revisit what we said before (I always post after I first do a class).
Thanks 'tech team'!

I was tired too!
Anastasia Hange... 7 months ago

Thanks Melanie - I appreciate your comments. Glad I sounded so calm, because I was definitely a little out of breath! You should be able to find your comments right under the classes you left them in if you are logged in.

Great workout, but as the
kleigh6 9 months ago

Great workout, but as the other comments also seem to suggest (which was very validating and comforting for my own practice) I really recommend this be noted as an intermediate class. So beginners don't get frustrated with themselves and get scared away from the beautiful practice of yoga!

Alternate suggestions?
jeanh1969 9 months ago

I am a true beginner with little upper body strength. I made it through about minute 17 (with some modifications before that). Any thoughts on other classes on this site that could get me some upper body strength sufficient to get through minute 27 of this class?