Hatha Yoga for Arm Strength

Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Anastasia gives you a tough shoulder work-out in this 30-minute hatha yoga class, including many variations of plank pose and downward facing dog pose, while pacing the class so that you rest at the right times.



Great workout, but as the
kleigh6 1 month ago

Great workout, but as the other comments also seem to suggest (which was very validating and comforting for my own practice) I really recommend this be noted as an intermediate class. So beginners don't get frustrated with themselves and get scared away from the beautiful practice of yoga!

Alternate suggestions?
jeanh1969 2 months ago

I am a true beginner with little upper body strength. I made it through about minute 17 (with some modifications before that). Any thoughts on other classes on this site that could get me some upper body strength sufficient to get through minute 27 of this class?

developing upper body strength
Anastasia Hange... 2 months ago

hello! First, good for you for trying this class as a true beginner - it really does challenge arm strength. My first suggestion is to look at the comments below - another yogi asked for modifications and I suggested some that will help. Or maybe you tried them... I would also say simply to just go into child's post whenever you need a rest and pick up with the rest of the class when you feel ready. You might also try David's class: Hatha Yoga for the Hands, Arms and Shoulders. Good luck!

slayed me
rainbreau 2 months ago

Damn girl, now I know how you got those beautiful arms... I'ma do this EVERYDAY!

A terrific work out
Johnnyk 3 months ago

Anastasia makes it look so easy and I just about hung in with her! :)thankyou!

Great sequence for the arms but...
gypsyrasa 4 months ago

It would be great if there were modifications offered for chaturanga and side plank, perhaps some sequencing before the full expression of those postures. Particularly as this class is labeled beginner and I thought it would be a place for me to build strength in order to be able to eventually get into the full expression of those arm and shoulder challenging postures. The entire sequence flows beautifully.

Yes, this class is definitely
Anastasia Hange... 4 months ago

Yes, this class is definitely on the more challenging spectrum of Beginner. For chaturanga, you can put your knees down to lower, and for side plank you can bend the knee of the top leg and place the foot down on the ground in front of the bottom knee. Good luck!

antonitsa 6 months ago

Greetings from Greece! I really enjoy your classes!

Challenging and Energizing
lindsayburt4 6 months ago

What a great class! I didn't do as well as I would have liked but, with more classes like this, my strength will increase. Thank you!

Wow this was so hard for me
paradise37 6 months ago

Wow this was so hard for me and I loved it. I am a beginner for sure and could not keep up as I don't have a lot of core or arm strength, but I pushed through the video and am so happy to have found something to work towards. Thank you! I cannot wait till I can do the whole video straight through!!!