Prepare for Arm Balances

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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This class is perfect for beginners who are looking for more challenge and intermediates who are happy with a more foundational class. Rachel gives you everything you need to know when attempting an arm balance, including teaching you technique and preparation. Her clear instruction, precise alignment and enthusiasm will help you move into poses that you may find challenging.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


Great class but very challenging
fifiers 1 week ago

I loved this class - but I've been doing DYWM for years and this, to me, should be classified as "Advanced" due to the pace as well as the challenging arm balances throughout. Rachel is one of my faves . Her cues are so good and I always learn something new from her. I will have few sore muscles tomorrow though!

great class that finally got me to balance in the final pose
Dmurban 1 week ago

I really love Rachel's intermediate yoga classes. Through her classes, I feel like I've been able to develop increased strength, especially in my core, develop increased flexibility, and tackle some poses I never was sure I'd be able to do (Power to Paradise and Heavenly Hips are my other Rachel favorites). Anyway, I've been fumbling my way around the final pose Rachel does in this class for many months now, but this time, thanks to her excellent alignment cues, I was finally able to get both my feet off the ground (!). She's such a great and encouraging teacher.

Please develop more intermediate and particularly intermediate-advanced classes from Rachel!

Rachel's classes
Rwasser 3 days ago

I love Rachel's classes too... her alignment and strengthening cues are always spot on and because of this, any classification (beginner, intermediate, advanced) can be a pleasant body and mind opening experience.
Thank you for listing your other Rachel favorites.... I need to start a list of faves to return to.
Thank you, Rachel, David Procyshyn and everyone at DYWM. I absolutely love what you guys are doing.

I really like Rachel's energy
WaywardAlchemist 1 week ago

I really like Rachel's energy and instruction. However, I also agree this is an intermediate class! A challenging one at that. Many of the poses I couldn't complete to their full expression. Still learned a lot and enjoyed.

Intermediate, not beginner!
yogiAndermoser 1 week ago

Love all of Rachel's classes and agree with all the other comments. This is definitely NOT a beginner class. I do mostly intermediate classes on DYWM and this one is on par with them - and more challenging than some! Focus on technique does not a beginner class make.

More challenging than expected!
karen77ca 1 week ago

There's not a Rachel class I don't love ! Another great class but certainly not beginner.

Class Difficulty Level
Kelly Bouchard 1 week ago


This is Kelly from DoYogaWithMe. You certainly don't seem to be alone in thinking this should be we changed it!

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

More technical, less spiritual
jbondor 2 weeks ago

Rachel is one of my favorite instructors and I have had lots of Aha! moments with her cures and also have felt very peaceful/settled after some classes. This was technically very helpful, with good tips on how to strengthen arms, establish wrist connections and get "lift" in poses. Even though I learned a lot, it lacked the magic of some Rachel classes. Seemed intermediate to me.

ljwhite1961 2 weeks ago

This is not a beginner class. I consider myself advanced beginner / easy intermediate and i could not finish this class. Maybe a new sub category should be considered. How about advanced beginner or starting intermediate. I wish i could finish this(: Someday.

I must say I totally agree.
nipper 2 weeks ago

I must say I totally agree. This was difficult and I totally couldn’t even begin to do the last arm pose. I struggle to find classes which are not too easy beginner classes and ones which are intermediate which
I can finish. Oh were there a category in between! That said I did learn a lot from what I was able to do.