Prepare for Arm Balances

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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This class is perfect for beginners who are looking for more challenge and intermediates who are happy with a more foundational class. Rachel gives you everything you need to know when attempting an arm balance, including teaching you technique and preparation. Her clear instruction, precise alignment and enthusiasm will help you move into poses that you may find challenging.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


GraceS 1 month ago

Amazing class with detailed instruction to lead you to the peak poses and options.

wanita 7 months ago

Great instructions! I need to practice more to achieve those latter arm balances :)

Phaedra388 1 year ago

I really appreciate this class. Thank you for providing such clear instruction -- it will go a long way to improve my practice. I'm coming back to this class a lot, I think. I hadn't realized how little of my hand I've been using in my down dog and balances. This will definitely be a continued work in progress. I'm loving Rachel -- so clear and informative.

duroc017 1 year ago

I enjoyed this class! I wasn't sure if I was going to, but it ended up being very satisfying. I found it really helpful that Rachel emphasized putting more weight into the fingers and knuckles, because I think I usually just rest most of the weight onto the heels of my hands, so my crow felt much more stable which was cool! And I'm so proud of myself that I can do eka pada koundinyasana ii, although it's not a perfect one. But man, my wrists are pooped after this like never before.

emhenry 1 year ago

Whooosh! This was a welcome return to some strength building after a Winter of Yin heavy practices! I love playing with arm balances and thanks to Rachel's and Fiji's strength classes over the years, I have come to enjoy quite a few; this was a great reminder of good alignment... and also wakening up some underused muscles! Thank you! xx

Dusty Cobwebs 1 year ago

After reading the previous comment regarding difficulty, I thought I ought to watch through first. When Rachel got to demonstrating crow pose with toes on a block I decided to give that a go and I DID IT!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you thank you! Awesome class Rachel, even if the whole class is still a bit beyond my abilities, you helped me achieve something new.

fifiers 1 year ago

I loved this class - but I've been doing DYWM for years and this, to me, should be classified as "Advanced" due to the pace as well as the challenging arm balances throughout. Rachel is one of my faves . Her cues are so good and I always learn something new from her. I will have few sore muscles tomorrow though!

jewellyship 2 weeks ago

Ditto, thought this was at least Intermediate 3 based on the 24-some classes I’ve taken from the site so far. Loved it nonetheless

Dmurban 1 year ago

I really love Rachel's intermediate yoga classes. Through her classes, I feel like I've been able to develop increased strength, especially in my core, develop increased flexibility, and tackle some poses I never was sure I'd be able to do (Power to Paradise and Heavenly Hips are my other Rachel favorites). Anyway, I've been fumbling my way around the final pose Rachel does in this class for many months now, but this time, thanks to her excellent alignment cues, I was finally able to get both my feet off the ground (!). She's such a great and encouraging teacher.

Please develop more intermediate and particularly intermediate-advanced classes from Rachel!