Morning Wake-Up Hatha Flow

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
Average: 4.6 (191 votes)
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The pacing of this hatha yoga flow class with Sarah-Jane will help you wake up slowly and move gradually toward more challenging poses and deeper stretches. Her guidance is gentle and encouraging and her cueing is easy to follow, so don't worry if you still feel a little sleepy. 

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


lesslittle 6 months ago

This practice is nice, but needs warm up, especially since it's a morning practice. Someone might hurt themselves doing such a fast practice early in the morning without a proper warm up.

Jen Salmon 8 months ago

I'm coming back to the mat after a long break and this is perfect. The backbends and twists are truly invigorating and I really enjoyed this session. Thank you!

ÀfricaRM 8 months ago

I have enjoyed immensely this class. In half an hour, Sarah uses classic asanas and movements to create a whole workout: a bit of cardio, flexibility, balance... and of course, the final savasana. I felt invigorated and happy after doing it.
Since the asanas are the traditional basic hatha ones, there are few challenging moments, and Sarah's guidance is always sweet and precise. I recommend this class to everyone, Namaste!

Reineira 1 year ago

I enjoyed your class. I appreciated the clear instructions about breathing and the sequence.

Denise2 1 year ago

I don't thindk that this is for beginner. To fast! I didn't have any pleasure to do it.

oakhazel 1 year ago

Thank you, I really enjoyed this one. It was a bit hard to keep up with the instructions on the first go but I will definitely do it again and it won't be a problem. I really enjoyed the background music (it wasn't too loud either) which was very relaxing in contrast to some other lessons I have done where the music (with singing in particular) is often vying with the instructors voice and becomes less than relaxing. This music was perfect. I will be doing this again.

AmberMoon 1 year ago

I liked the sequence, liked a faster pace but this is too fast for new people to get without watching it a few times.

rebeckyc 1 year ago

I enjoyed this one very much. It's kind of a nice in-between beginner and intermediate for a "motivated beginner"

Irishlove 1 year ago

I very much enjoyed this practice. It is a short, but effective practice for awakening the body and creating heat, and also gave me a sense of alignment and conviction. Thank you. Namaste from Ireland.

ama1031 1 year ago

What a great heart opener; I loved the awareness to the heart beating stronger, I am ready to start the day! Namaste