Morning Wake-Up Hatha Flow

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Hatha Yoga
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Class Description: 
The pacing of this hatha yoga flow class with Sarah-Jane will help you wake up slowly and move gradually toward more challenging poses and deeper stretches. Her guidance is gentle and encouraging and her cueing is easy to follow, so don't worry if you still feel a little sleepy. Music provided by Yogitunes. To listen to or purchase the playlist, go here.


Good for easing back into yoga
D Katrina 1 week ago

I used to do yoga regularly and then stopped. This class helped me to stretch out my poor tight muscles without pushing myself too hard. It's a good start to the day.

Good flow and comic relief.... :)
Rnfromjmu 1 week ago

Nice flow for waking everything up gently. Good for slow, stiff mornings and comic relief when I try to achieve bow pose! Really, I know I have 2 feet back there somewhere.....for now 1 will have to do. :)

Sken 1 week ago

Sarah Jane has a calming presence. I will seek out he practices.

It's been weeks now since I
AyKaySmith 1 week ago

It's been weeks now since I've been able to motivate myself to get to my mat. This was the perfect way to ease back into my practice. Thank you.

Great morning class!
Breakadawn 2 weeks ago

Thank you, Sarah for this great start to your day class. This got my energy flowing and stretched out all of the muscles that were tight from sleeping. Good stuff - appreciate you giving us this class.

Music Name
hauckl 3 weeks ago

Great flow and class. I enjoyed the faster pace. Where do you get the music you use for the background? I really liked the sounds for this flow and wonder if there is a particular title or album.

Thank you.

Fast paced beginners class
Rbreid73 3 weeks ago

This is certainly a lot faster paced than the yin classes I've done with Sarah Jane, but it provides a great counter to those classes. Fitting yoga into my day makes for very little time for my practice most days, so I can see me coming back to this class time and again. Sarah Jane manages to cover a range of different strengthening, lengthening, balance, back bend postures all the while trying to maintain breathing calmly! Being fast paced at times I lost my way a little, but I know that this will come once I'm more familiar with the poses.

I am a beginner and did this
Traveolani 3 weeks ago

I am a beginner and did this class today for the first time. It is great, thank you so much! But I have to agree with one of the other comments below that it is with a faster pace. Still I love it and hope to continue practicing it! I felt a little dizzy in the beginning but maybe that is because I have never practiced yoga before.

thank you
laursie 3 weeks ago

I've done yoga here and thereabout have decided to commit to a regular routine after turning 50. This program is really helping me ease in--can't do it all yet, but I'm getting there! Also, Sarah Jane, thank you of your correct usage of "lay" and "lie!"

New beginnings
Ansui 3 weeks ago

I have been doing yoga for many years but not in the past year. Today I decided it was time to get started again. I found this routine and loved it. I feel so much better, more open and energized. Thanks for helping me with my renewal of yoga.