Morning Kundalini Yoga

Dawn Rabey
Instructor Dawn Rabey
Average: 4.7 (41 votes)
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Wake up with a bang with Dawn Rabey and this lovely kundalini yoga class that helps you rise and shine and take on your day with confidence and energy. With Dawn's guidance, the calming sounds of the beach environment and the beautiful back drop, this class is a sweet way to wake up.

Equipment: Block
Style: Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama Yoga/Pranayama Yoga


wiccacat 3 months ago

First class here too and first kundalini class. Loved it! Feel so energized and calm at the same time. Thank you!

spritsong 3 months ago

Loved this class Dawn. The meditation was wonderful. For me this kriya is usally extremly hard. I like how you shortened the time each pose is done. Very doable for me!

UDJames 5 months ago

What a wonderful class! Thank you Dawn for your clear and loving instruction. I really enjoyed this and feel great.

I'm new to KY and this session was incredible! Dawn is a wonderful teacher. I hope DYWM adds more kundalini offerings in the near future.

ejanedelong 2 years ago

Dawn's classes relieve my anxiety and help me feel emotionally balanced, focused and grounded. Highly recommend!

Kazzawin 2 years ago

I actually ache a little but a really energising, ‘ wake me up’ practice.

Chelis 2 years ago

Absolutely beautiful! So energizing, a must try!

CMFCAP 2 years ago

I have been doing this daily for the last 4 mornings and i love it! This is my first Kundalini class and i find the explanations of the breathing and the mantras easy to follow. Thank you !

Nyamyj 2 years ago

Feeling grounded, yet relaxed and light and clear from this practice. Although I am finding breath of fire difficult. I feel like I’m pushing navel out during exhalation. Any tips?

EvaMargita 4 days ago

Take a deep breath in, which naturally pushes your navel and abdomen out and then exhale focusing on pushing the navel in, inhale again with the navel out. After that you focus on the exhales and the inhales comes naturally.
The other answer you got is wrong, if you push your navel out while exhaling you are hyperventilating.