Sun Salutations II

Intermediate I
(134 Reviews)
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Sun salutations are a nice way to start or end the day, and a nice break in the middle of a busy work day. This version of sun salutations begins with a brisk flow and progresses into more and more challenging poses, finishing with a short relaxation.


  • None


  • Twists
  • Flexibility
  • Neck/Shoulders
  • Morning


  • Hatha Yoga
Melanie Lichtinger
September 24, 2022

Another great one to re-visit.
Perfect concentrated intensity of procyshyn precision ;-), stretch, binds, and relaxation.
Thanks David!

Paixão Vi
November 24, 2021

I really enjoyed this progression, as I could see my body opening with every breath. It felt gentle and safe. Thank you David.