Pranayama Yoga To Move Energy


The Crow
SmileMore 10 months ago

I love hearing that crow squawk during the kabalabhati toward the end! It's said that crows represent wisdom and the magic that is all around us. Feeling so relaxed and then hearing the crow makes me smile :) Many thanks, for this great class and all the others.

Did this after "pranayama to
chrismc90 10 months ago

Did this after "pranayama to wake up" and it threw me into a trance. The cleansing feeling that breath of fire has provided me in just a few weeks of use is incredible....blissful sensations and so much light.

When I have cfs relapse
Djb208 1 year ago

When I have cfs relapse periods these meditations get me through. I now just need to make time for them all the time as obviously my body appreciates it,! Thanks David for helping with these very great classes. Peace and love. Dave

Is it normal for you to not
Roaf 1 year ago

Is it normal for you to not be able to do 70-100 stomach contractions like this when you're starting? I'm on Day 12 of the 21 day mental health program and I can only do maybe 50!

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Yes, absolutely. Don't push yourself to do more than your body is comfortable with. In this class you can finish earlier and close your eyes to feel the sensations in your body until I continue with the class. Like anything, as you practice this more your body will be able to continue for longer.

Ok great, thanks David!
Roaf 1 year ago

Ok great, thanks David!

Marygoround 1 year ago

After this class I feel energized, at peace and very happy. Thank you so much.

Excellent Class
Yumamarques 1 year ago

Loved this class!!!! Straightforward and concise, just what I needed to get me going this morning! Excellent breathe work, and explanation of the concept!

As this is a beginning class,
lael36 1 year ago

As this is a beginning class, could I have a bit more explanation on the fast exhalation technique? It starts with a "half breath in" so is that for every one of the subsequent short breaths thereafter? So, like a mini inhale and exhale for each one? Thank you