Love Yourself

Nicky Jones
Instructor Nicky Jones
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Slow down and take some time for yourself with this loving, nurturing and comforting yoga class with Nicky Jones. Her emotional support and gentle guidance are perfect, making this class a lovely experience for anyone looking to open up and relax deeply.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


DeWaat 2 months ago

Thank you for the wonderful class. I too keep coming back to it every once in a while. It has once been a great help in difficult times.

mildconfusion 5 months ago

I keep coming back to this class over and over, it has helped me so much. Thank you.

Karolina Glab 6 months ago

Wow!! Absolutely amazing!! Thank you for giving me permission to do it gently for once....if not you I`m not sure if I would be able to grant myself such a love...thank you!!!

oakhazel 1 year ago

it is just as inspiring. Thank you. Soo relaxing. More of Nicky please.

oakhazel 1 year ago

Thank you Nicky. I hope we will see more classes from you. Deeply nourishing and relaxing. You bring a special quality that comes across even through the computer.

rubyandariel 1 year ago

Thank you for this video. I will continue to practice and learn how to truly love myself the way I have come to love others. I feel proud of myself to be able to let go of that person whom things didn’t work well with. I love them dearly. And feel broken.
Doing yoga has helped immensely.
Thank you for videos like this.

Gaynor Walters 2 years ago

Thank you for the love in this class! Gently encouraging to think of yourself and love yourself as you love others. My father is always telling me to be a little selfish and think of myself for a change instead of always doing and thinking of others. This class made it easier for me to think of myself.