Bow Pose: Core Strength

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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This is the 1st in a series of four classes that lead you to the bow pose (dhanurasana). In this class, Rachel brings you through an invigorating hatha yoga flow that challenges your core strength and teaches you the alignment principles that you will need to understand as you move toward any deep backbend. Her progression through core strength and deeper backbends take you to camel pose (ustrasana), just before you cool down and enter a well-deserved savasana. This class will prepare you for the next steps in Bow Pose: Hip Flexor Release, Bow Pose: Open the Shoulders, and Bow Pose: Ready for the Peak!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Athletic yoga!
alevans 3 months ago

If you're looking for a workout - this is it. Rachel's awesome instruction helps you through it.

Core yes!
Margarethe 4 months ago

As usual Rachel delivers what she described: Invigorating, core, deep back bend (achieved safely)

Apparently I've been slacking off. This was a lot tougher this time than the first time I did it.

I love this class because you do get a good solid core workout and it really made me stretch my often rounded shoulders back. My low back never ends up feeling pinched when I'm finished. A testament to Rachel's great instruction and method for teaching back bend.

For the other yogis who read the comments. My sage advice is don't put fish cat food down before doing yoga. But do this class if you need a good core workout and shoulder stretch. it's a pretty awesome class.

Rachel Scott 4 months ago

LOL I'm so happy that this class worked for your back and shoulders. Ohhhhh! Core work is ALWAYS so tough (it never seems to get easier!) But I have a similar experience: I need to really get my core on in order to get into backbends that feel okay ;) Have an awesome day!

PeacefulRN 9 months ago

Well-rounded, solid intermediate practice - Rachel's crisp cues helped me to to feel stable as I got deeper into the poses. Good core engagement throughout. Bonus points for a pain-free, good-feeling camel pose! Thanks!

Great, revitalizing class
hmariea 11 months ago

I learn so much from this class every time I do it. The core engagement and conscious movements instruct me in other poses and classes. Thank you Rachel! :)

Mhm, yep. Oh, whoaa. Mmm.
yogasnunch 1 year ago

This class gave me a better grasp of how to move in and out of camel pose. The way Rachel talks you through transitions is super helpful, and the 2nd /3rd videos in the series were also engaging. Many gracias.

Thank you so much for this
Karol Coopman 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this very challenging practice. Already feeling the benefits :)

You killed me and I loved
Wild Mermaid 1 year ago

You killed me and I loved every second!!! Thank you - that was so awesome!! I even camel'd YAY :-D