Bow Pose: Core Strength

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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This is the 1st in a series of four classes that lead you to the bow pose (dhanurasana). In this class, Rachel brings you through an invigorating hatha yoga flow that challenges your core strength and teaches you the alignment principles that you will need to understand as you move toward any deep backbend. Her progression through core strength and deeper backbends take you to camel pose (ustrasana), just before you cool down and enter a well-deserved savasana. This class will prepare you for the next steps in Bow Pose: Hip Flexor Release, Bow Pose: Open the Shoulders, and Bow Pose: Ready for the Peak!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


UmaK 2 weeks ago

Great workout! I have done this class a few times before and I get a great, sweaty workout every time. Thanks Rachel!!

Gilly Vanilly 2 weeks ago

A wonderful class but as a beginner I just couldn't keep up and some of the poses were too much for me. I continued till the end with a few child poses in between and although at one point I felt it was all too difficult, by the end I was inspired to come back to this class after more beginner core work. Thanks Rachel, you are a great teacher!

MaryRose Metcalfe 1 month ago

I worked my butt off Rachel but happy to say I could follow you. The other cardio I do in my life helps me keep up to the faster flows.

dscheurl 7 months ago

Rachel's teaching is amazing. Her instruction is so detailed and well described I feel as though I am in a private class with her and she is tweaking my poses and speaking to me personally. I am amazed at how she is able to speak with such clarity and precise instruction. It really helps with the poses AND keeps me focused - no mind wandering - too many things to think about right here on the mat! Thanks so much Rachel!

Rachel Scott 7 months ago

HAHA! You are so so very welcome!
I'm thrilled to be a part of your practice!!!

kimfh14 8 months ago

I always thought camel pose wasn't for me, but in this class Rachel demonstrated a way I could get into it. Unfortunately, my issue isn't my back flexibility - it's my quads! They're so tight. I'll keep working on it, but at least I'm started!

debbodkin 10 months ago

Thank you very much Rachel for such a perfect, thorough and enjoyable core-centric class. My body and mind loved it!

coyote999 11 months ago

Thank you so much! Your body control is unbelievable while you give perfect directions. Amazing workout.

alevans 1 year ago

If you're looking for a workout - this is it. Rachel's awesome instruction helps you through it.