Forearm Balance: Workshop

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Fiji takes everything you have learned in Forearm Balance: Shoulder Stability and Mobility and Forearm Balance: Strong Core and Solid Base, and applies it to this class, where you play with forearm balance (pincha mayurasana). This difficult pose, just like most challenging poses, requires an understanding of technique, along with the mental focus, strength and flexibility. You may be surprised now that you will be able to do things you didn't think you could before dedicating yourself to this series. Go for it! Next up in the series: Forearm Balance: Partner Play.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


sng4ever 7 months ago

What a wonderful practice and Fiji is such a great teacher!

mntmadre 1 year ago

I had worked on this work a few weeks last year but became frustrated and moved away. I came back to it again and I can at least feel the need for shoulder strength more. I’ll come to this more regularly but I don’t know how to accept my frustration and keep trying at something I feel is beyond me. This particular move is getting to me.

Irishlove 2 years ago

Could you please tell me, or reference in the description, the first two videos that are mentioned? I would be very interested in doing them! :)

Thank you for this workshop. I really enjoyed the instruction and the Surya Namaskar in the beginning to warm up. Namaste.

lpyles 3 years ago

I love doing inversions. But I admit, I have always cheated getting into forearm balance. Doing this short practice, I was able to maintain a strong position with my shoulders and do a small hop up into forearm balance. Because inversions like this are not part of most classes, I always do my inversions after a full class when I am tired and so have trouble not sagging in the shoulders. Thank you for helping me do this right!!!

Fiji McAlpine 3 years ago

I am glad you enjoyed this practice and I totally understand where you are coming from. We often do inversions at the end of a vigorous practice and our shoulders can be too fatigued at that time to hold the frame. I filmed this at the end of a 4 hour filming session and was having a hard time myself!!

Kimby 3 years ago

Wow - I'm nowhere near getting my feet up - Looks like a new goal.

Thanks for this series

mntmadre 3 years ago

I needed this practice. I found it so very helpful. Thank you for the insight and encouragement.