Forearm Balance: Workshop


First two videos?
Irishlove 5 months ago

Could you please tell me, or reference in the description, the first two videos that are mentioned? I would be very interested in doing them! :)

Thank you for this workshop. I really enjoyed the instruction and the Surya Namaskar in the beginning to warm up. Namaste.

So excited about inversions!
lpyles 1 year ago

I love doing inversions. But I admit, I have always cheated getting into forearm balance. Doing this short practice, I was able to maintain a strong position with my shoulders and do a small hop up into forearm balance. Because inversions like this are not part of most classes, I always do my inversions after a full class when I am tired and so have trouble not sagging in the shoulders. Thank you for helping me do this right!!!

I feel you!
Fiji McAlpine 1 year ago

I am glad you enjoyed this practice and I totally understand where you are coming from. We often do inversions at the end of a vigorous practice and our shoulders can be too fatigued at that time to hold the frame. I filmed this at the end of a 4 hour filming session and was having a hard time myself!!

Kimby 1 year ago

Wow - I'm nowhere near getting my feet up - Looks like a new goal.

Thanks for this series

mntmadre 1 year ago

I needed this practice. I found it so very helpful. Thank you for the insight and encouragement.