Morning Wake-Up

Morning Wake-Up

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Instructor Satiya Channer
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This slow hatha flow class helps you wake up, stretch out and start your day. Satiya's gentle guidance and calm energy helps you become more connected to your body while slowing down the mind and feeling more relaxed, energized and focused.

Style: Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga


Thank you
dilouise 3 months ago

Exactly what I was searching for. Blessings.

Beautiful start to the day!
Jen Salmon 4 months ago

Thank you Satiya, I love this practice for the start of the day. I feel like superwoman when I step off the mat!

My Go-to
Hjhbutterfly 6 months ago

This is my morning go-to when I need something short that is neither too easy nor too hard. Every time I finish this little gem I feel strong, calm, focused - ready for the day. Thank you!

Good daily practice
JessicaB 8 months ago

I'm a pretty seasoned beginner with a good sense of balance, yet I find this sequence quite challenging. So I'm doing it (almost) every morning for a couple of weeks. I'm about 10 days in, and am definitely noticing some improvements in arm strength, and in stability when sweeping my arms forward. Learning a LOT about tadasana, too! Thank you, Satiya and doyogawithme.

Lovely - just what I needed,
jennysknight 9 months ago

Lovely - just what I needed, struggling to get focused in the mornings and this has made me feel human again! x

Lovely!!! Thank you. Even if
drmaggiefcm 10 months ago

Lovely!!! Thank you. Even if you are not a beginner the flow of this class allows you to explore more of your body awareness. It was nice to find the new space I have created by my practice. Thank you again.

This is great first thing in
HorseShuHeart 10 months ago

This is great first thing in the morning.