Morning Wake-Up and Move!

Beginner II
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Ron will be one of your favorite teachers to wake up to after you do this fun, creative and challenging yoga class. Ron's imagery, description and unique transitions have helped him garner quite a following on DYWM, and this class is one of his best. Get ready to sweat, bend, twist, breathe, thoroughly stretch your whole body and dance your way into your day!


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  • Flexibility
  • Morning
  • Spine


  • Hatha Yoga
February 26, 2023

Ron’s own words in this class describe the effects of his teaching: Fabulous and Delicious. I really appreciate his encouraging presence and skillful contributions on this site. I like being able to choose from DYWM’s diverse teachers, and having midlifer men teaching is a great gift for many of us!

January 9, 2023

Excellent class. I am tired and stiff this morning after hiking yesterday - this was just what I needed to wake up and stretch!

November 25, 2022

If it’s your first time on this class, keep your eyes peeled, as the direction is hard to follow with just your ears. It’s a lot of lovely and opening standing work, a little bit of heat will develop by the end.