Morning Wake-Up and Move!

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Ron Stewart
Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Ron will be one of your favorite teachers to wake up to after you do this fun, creative and challenging yoga class. Ron's imagery, description and unique transitions have helped him garner quite a following on DYWM, and this class is one of his best. Get ready to sweat, bend, twist, breathe, thoroughly stretch your whole body and dance your way into your day! Music provided by Yogitunes. To listen to or purchase the playlist, go here.


Nice flow and breathing...good way to wake up
nadomom 1 month ago

Ron has a calming and firm voice...much like his practice. Nice steady pace and excellent breathing flow. Thank you.

Great energetic short class!
mamadoodled 2 months ago

So glad to have found this one. Short but satisfying. I'm sure I will do it often.

Thank you for this wonderful
dickens 3 months ago

Thank you for this wonderful class. I have been doing yoga for awhile, but have an SI injury so have been doing shorter classes everyday. I have never been able to balance no matter how much I try and today, you made it happen. Love this site, I tell everyone go visit DYWM. Namaste Cat

Great class Ron. It was a
NicRoy 4 months ago

Great class Ron. It was a nice mix of flow and breath. Thanks.

I do non-yoga workouts and it
cloud9 6 months ago

I do non-yoga workouts and it leaves me quite sore the next day. This workout was perfect for that stiffness and also over all calming with the emphasis on the breathing. Thanks!

stuck with it.
greenthum66 6 months ago

To be honest, I didn't care for Ron's style at first and almost stopped the video. I am so glad I did not. He quickly grew on me and I enjoyed an invigorating and centering practice. I will look for more of Ron's videos now!

This class was perfect, just
Ale MedellĂ­n 6 months ago

This class was perfect, just what I needed to start my day.
Thank you Ron!

Perfect way to start my day
chopper 7 months ago

I loved this class !
good workout short and sweet
Thanks Ron

just came back from a trip
woolcrafter 11 months ago

just came back from a trip having jet lag & this practice was perfect. Thank you Ron! Just what I needed

Just what I needed
terkalin 1 year ago

I only had about 20 mins this morning to "wake up and move" and this class was a perfect fit for my creaky bod. I have been doing yoga off and on for many years and discovered a few great new moves with this class (ex: chair cat/cow). Ron has a good flow. Also, I have NEVER been able to "hop forward", only awkwardly walk, but no one has ever told me to JUMP LIKE A FROG!! Wow! Genius. I was still not able to do it, but now I know how to practice! The 5 bucks monthly fee for this fabulous site is the best deal ever. THANKS DYWM!!