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  • This is excellent--just the right level for me. Maybe buy it?

  • I was nervous when it said power/vinyasa, but this class was at a really good level for me--challenging in spots, but not impossible, and I feel great afterward. Felt like a shortened version of one of my really good classes at Rama Lotus. Maybe buy this.

  • This is very energetic but doable (except for the handstand at the end).

  • A good, classic practice. Good chance to get back to things like triangle and warrior 2. Recommended for midday and I think it would be a good break in the workday.

  • One-month yoga program. Appears to be free!

  • I think I've already downloaded this one. Not as hard as I remembered.

  • Haven't tried this yet but it looks really good for evenings.

  • Haven't tried this yet but it has great reviews.

  • This one could be very good for my MMN issues. Maybe try it a few more times and, if it makes a difference, buy it so I can do it on the road.

  • I can feel this in my hips, but it is doable. Class flies by.

  • Energetic--I'm tired after it. Almost too advanced for me, but I managed it and it is a good challenge. It would be good at the end of the work day.

  • This is an aspirational class for me. I couldn't come close to doing many of the hip openers. BUT I'm bookmarking it in the hope that, if I keep trying it throughout the year, by the end I'll have noticed improvement in my flexibility. This might be one to try after a warmup on the treadmill at the gym.

  • Very relaxing. Not hard. I don't feel as "stretched" as with some classes, but very relaxed. No shavasana at the end.

  • This is a bit too hard for me (not so much the back, but the hips), but it's a good, short aspirational class.

  • Excellent. Just the right level for me. I did it in the morning, but it would be GREAT after a day at my desk. Maybe download?

  • Wow, that's a workout! A bit aspirational, but I can do it with some effort. Next time, play it first and practise the poses. There were a few in the middle (wild thing and another one) that I wasn't very familiar with, so I couldn't/didn't do them. I DO feel warmed up, after just 11 minutes!

  • Good class. Not too hard. Maybe download?

  • That was good. Not hard. I did it first thing in the morning, but it would be easy to do in the office.

  • Definitely a challenge, but one that I think is within reach if I practise every day. I did most of it, but I was gasping "Let me stop!" by the end.

  • Not bad. Very gentle, but good leg work and back work. Good one to do if I've been away from yoga for a few days (as I was today).

  • Excellent class. Very energizing, Maybe download.

  • Good overall session. Not too hard!

  • Good class. I think Paul would like it, too.