After Work Revitalizer

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
Average: 4.8 (367 votes)
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Shake off your after-work blues with this fun, 15-minute flow with Rachel. You'll be surprised how great you can feel and how many areas of the body you can target in just 15 minutes!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


LLove 6 months ago

This was a good class to wake up with on a morning when I didn't have much time. The only thing that was missing at the end was a backbend and a twist, which was easy enough to add for myself.

goddess50 7 months ago

It's amazing how much just 15 minutes of yoga does to activate the entire body. Wonderful after a day of too much sitting!!! Thank you Rachel!

[email protected] 7 months ago

I did this to start my day and it was almost perfect! What would've made it better is more time.

Gemcrazy 7 months ago

Perfect to open up quickly. All my tension floated away. Might even do it again later today!

michii 7 months ago

Very nice. Liked the energy of this class and really enjoyed the side stretches.

kmac1687 7 months ago

I didn't want this to end. Rachel is so thorough and her cues are seamless.

StephanieVM 7 months ago

I usually only do yoga in the mornings when I wake up. This was a really nice way to reconnect with that feeling after work. Short enough so that I could do it without pressure or worry, but just enough to center myself and start my "second day" with family. Thank you!