After Work Revitalizer

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Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
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Shake off your after-work blues with this fun, 15-minute flow with Rachel. You'll be surprised how great you can feel and how many areas of the body you can target in just 15 minutes!


Great Mini Flow
soshedid86 1 month ago

Did this after a long run. Feeling good! Short, sweet, and satisfying ♡

Great for morning, too!
SmileMore 3 months ago

I just took this class before I had to jump into a busy day of work, and it was perfect! I didn't have much time, but that didn't matter, since Rachel seems to hit all of the main muscle groups. I feel great! – stretched and revitalized. Thanks, Rachel! (PS Would love to see some more shorter classes from you -- 30-40 min would be perfect before work!) Many thanks.

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fionamay 4 months ago

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Great stretch & release for the day after
Adventuress42 11 months ago

Doing the 30 day challenge and yesterday was a long & hard (wonderful) practice. This was great to stretch out the sore muscles - for any day-after a hard workout.

Also a great warm-up to a workout.

Lovely! What a wonderful way
TDSmiling 1 year ago

Lovely! What a wonderful way to release the tension from the day. Thank you!

wow! I did not expect this

wow! I did not expect this from a 15 minute yoga tutorial, but it's amazing! completely efficient! will do this more often after a long day. thank you very much!

I completely agree with
GausBaus 1 year ago

I completely agree with Christie's post - I've been doing the beginner track so far in the 30 day challenge and picked up the intermediate because I had to save my practice for late in the day (ha!) and it was a bit shorter. It was a wonderful introduction to the intermediate classes. Challenging and quick, but still very relaxing, peaceful and fun. Thank you, Rachel!

A cool quicky !
MarieChantal 1 year ago

Efficient and delicious.

Starts your day or closes your workday !

Agree with everything
Kayeecee 1 year ago

Agree with everything Christine said. Bountiful yet efficient. Solid stretching to make you feel relaxed and peaceful.