After Work Revitalizer

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Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
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Shake off your after-work blues with this fun, 15-minute flow with Rachel. You'll be surprised how great you can feel and how many areas of the body you can target in just 15 minutes!


Just did my first class with
Clairew 2 months ago

Just did my first class with Rachel and loved it!

Thank you
[email protected] 2 months ago

Your After Work Revitalizer classes are great! I am doing them after work and feel my back and mind is healthy again! thank you! :)

Great morning awakening too!
mkrishock 2 months ago

Thank you Rachel! I did this class in the morning so that I can get ready for my very long day. It was wonderful! thank you so much!

Great Mini Flow
soshedid86 5 months ago

Did this after a long run. Feeling good! Short, sweet, and satisfying ♡

Great for morning, too!
SmileMore 6 months ago

I just took this class before I had to jump into a busy day of work, and it was perfect! I didn't have much time, but that didn't matter, since Rachel seems to hit all of the main muscle groups. I feel great! – stretched and revitalized. Thanks, Rachel! (PS Would love to see some more shorter classes from you -- 30-40 min would be perfect before work!) Many thanks.

this video is not loading!
fionamay 8 months ago

this video is not loading!

Great stretch & release for the day after
Adventuress42 1 year ago

Doing the 30 day challenge and yesterday was a long & hard (wonderful) practice. This was great to stretch out the sore muscles - for any day-after a hard workout.

Also a great warm-up to a workout.

Lovely! What a wonderful way
TDSmiling 1 year ago

Lovely! What a wonderful way to release the tension from the day. Thank you!

wow! I did not expect this

wow! I did not expect this from a 15 minute yoga tutorial, but it's amazing! completely efficient! will do this more often after a long day. thank you very much!