10-Minute Wake-Up


Paired with another short practice
nadomom 1 month ago

Thank you for a nice morning practice after another warm up practice. The wild thing and twists felt great.

Warm yourself up first. :-)
PeacefulRN 3 months ago

I did this practice after another short practice so I was warmed up. Not sure I would want to do this first thing in the morning w/ sleepy joints since there is no warm-up. Overall a quick flow that squeezes a lot into a very short amount of time. Good for those days when I need a little "extra" after a shorter practice. THANK YOU!

Best 10 minutes of you day!
missmelyogi 3 months ago

it’s a perfect warm up and wake up when time is so limited, I keep coming back, thanks so much Tracey

Perfect for a Monday morning
mckiley 4 months ago

Great wake up for the week in very little time.

Wonderful for morning or after work
Janet_ 1 year ago

I return to this practice again and again when I have precious time and want whole body awareness. Whether I do it in the morning or after work, I find it an invigorating top to toes alignment. Thank you, Tracey!

Short and sweet and FUN music
cmeason 1 year ago

Perfect quickie energizer for early mornings or anytime. The music in the first part is very atypical for yoga, it has a reggae vibe, but I LOVE it! It just made me smile, made me happy. The flow is perfect, too. Fingers crossed I can memorize this one to be able to do anywhere and anytime.

Love this every time I do it!
cirvine06 1 year ago

Love this every time I do it! Great for a warm up before a workout or just for an energizer during the day!

Really a great class
barbkoch 1 year ago

All wrapped up in a neat little package. Short, effective, I combined this with a couple of other short sessions.

You can always find time in
Jenny3 2 years ago

You can always find time in the morning for this one!

this class is absolutely
angelaglasses 2 years ago

this class is absolutely perfect! Tracey helps you create a lot of energy, space, and peace in a short period of time. I can tell I will be coming back to this class again and again.