Prenatal Yoga for the Lower Back and Sciatica: Release

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Sarah Jane Steele
Hatha Yoga
Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga
Gentle Yoga
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This class is part of a 4-part series on lower back and sciatica care, designed for when you're pregnant. Sarah-Jane helps you release the muscles that are often responsible for lower back pain and sciatica pain, while moving at a pace that is perfect for prenatal yoga. Her soft, gentle guidance and smile will make you want to do this class again and again. The entire program, Prenatal Yoga for the Lower Back and Sciatica, can be found on our Yoga Programs page.


dangerbetz 1 month ago

I feel this is more appropriate for early trimesters. However, being 32 weeks along, I feel there wasn't much reference for support. The laying twists pulled my growing belly and ended up hurting my back more than relaxing.

I am also a goga teacher and
marion lou 5 months ago

I am also a goga teacher and specialized in pre-postnatal yoga as well,and I found this class very gentle and focused, too. Activating and bringing awareness to the areas needed for a pregnant woman,relaxing and opening through concsious breath...very creative and loving. Thank you.

This is also Great for scoliosis
chopper 6 months ago

I haven't been carrying a child for 15 years , but this class felt great on my nagging back issues.
Sarah , could you do a few series for the many of us who suffer from scoliosis? Or you could rename this for baby and back issues.
I am thrilled I took a chance on this class and will do all of them in the series , my back feels much better.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and back!!
Oakville, TW

4-part series?
nhelm 9 months ago

When do you expect to release the other parts of the 4-part series?

4th episode of series
David Procyshyn 9 months ago

We have 3 out of the 4 posted. The 4th will be up within the next few weeks.

I was looking for something a
kpiano 9 months ago

I was looking for something a little more relaxing and shorter than my normal prenatal classes (I often do Fiji's, from this site), but this was just way too gentle for felt like doing almost nothing.

Thank you!
nhelm 9 months ago

This class was exactly what I've been needing. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and have been struggling with horrendous low back pain since around week 24. While the last twisting poses were too much for my back to handle, everything else felt wonderfully opening. My body and baby say thank you :)

I'm not pregnant, but needed
ed1claudia 9 months ago

I'm not pregnant, but needed a gentle way to address my low back pain- perfect!

Lovely and relaxing
thekchog palma 9 months ago

This was a gentle, sweet class that helped open up my back. It was perfect for an evening where I wasn't up for any power yoga. My growing belly has sometimes been keeping me up at night because of the tightness it causes in my back, and I'm sure this will help tonight!