Get Up and Move!


refocused & recharged
kayyyyyy_p 1 week ago

This was a great little afternoon pick-me-up. I was able to get refocused & recharged!

I enjoyed the challenge of
Patsyoga2018 3 weeks ago

I enjoyed the challenge of trying to stay in the pose, balance and forgive myself for losing it.

Nice mid day stretch
aschane 2 months ago

I enjoyed Teacher Fiji McAlpine in this short mid day stretch.

Sweet re-set for midday.
PeacefulRN 2 months ago

Perfect mid-day reset. I can picture myself doing this during a break at work. Thanks!

Perfect little session for
Tracey Newton 2 months ago

Perfect little session for everyday. Thank you

Perfect quick warmup when
Nyamyj 2 months ago

Perfect quick warmup when short on time.