Oceanside Restorative Yoga

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Restorative Yoga
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Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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Class Description: 

Mmmmm.... this class is deliciously warm and cozy. Melissa lulls you into a state of deep relaxation, while gently opening the body and listening to the mesmerizing sounds of the ocean. Press play and get ready for this beautiful oceanside restorative yoga class to win you over.


Such a wonderful class!
Bexter401 3 weeks ago

I would just like to thank Melissa for such a wonderful class,it's one of my favourites & always leaves me feeling at peace with my mind & body. Namaste.

Amy Gonzalez 1 month ago

This is so relaxing. I almost fell asleep several times. Thank you!!

Wonderful class-highly recommend
[email protected] 2 months ago

I'm a 12 year Yoga participant of classes. Now working in an area with very limited Yoga - have enjoyed the DoYogaWithMe site - but this class in particular is a standout. Very well executed (in terms of online viewers,) gentle, expert guidance in restorative yoga and reminders to let it all go. Highly recommend

adrianacreyes11 3 months ago

I was doing power yoga regularly, but since trying this class I keep coming back to it. My body, mind, and soul needed this kind of deep stretch and stillness. Again, thank YOU!

Thank you
adrianacreyes11 4 months ago

I am totally blissed out after this. Thank you for the work that you do!

very peaceful
chopper 6 months ago

love this class very good for the mind body and soul
thanks so much

This is exactly what I needed
Staceyo 7 months ago

This is exactly what I needed. So scrunched up in my muscles ans mind, this helped to unfold.

Restoring, repairing, rejuvinating
Rbreid73 10 months ago

After a busy day at work, as well as a morning power yoga class with Tracey on the Intermediate challenge and a lunchtime yin class at my local yoga studio, this class was just what I needed to close out the day. Melissa's style is perfectly paced to wind down and restore.

Relaxing and much needed
coffeenbooks 10 months ago

This was a relaxing and much needed class for me. I enjoyed the class and the relaxing voiced prompts.

More Like This, Please
mrswright2015 10 months ago

Hey, what is the likelyhood that we can get more purely restorative classes like this one of the same length or longer? I love this class and it has been one of my favorites to revisit for more than a year now, but I would love to have more options similar to this.