Restorative Yoga for Busy People

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Class Description: 

So many of us only have 15 or 20 minutes free in an average day, so Satiya has designed this class for that reason. Her gentle approach and calm voice can still take you places where you will feel rested and revitalized when you're done, in such a short amount of time!


You are an excellent guide.
vito411 2 months ago

You are an excellent guide. Love your classes. Big hug from Berlin

Satiya’s voice
manuella 3 months ago

Would prefer without the music.
Satiya’s voice is so wonderfully relaxing and calming that it is enough on its own, and everything is so well explained!

very sweet
GuylaineDM 4 months ago

very peaceful voice and easy way to go in asanas ! thanks a lot =)

So Nice!
ellenriccardi 4 months ago

I love to do this routine after I do a long walk because I often find my back is tight. This feels so good. It's relaxing and reenergizing. Thank you, Satiya!

Absolutely wonderful :) Thank
kwinky 5 months ago

Absolutely wonderful :) Thank you so much, Satiya!

Thank you, Satiya!
TracyShanti 5 months ago

This was exactly what I was looking for to start my busy day! Love your kind and gentle spirit, Satiya~

First video I've ever done of
Diamond7050 5 months ago

First video I've ever done of yoga! 30 day yoga challenge has officially started!

A nice way to end my practice for the day
Tesshiva 6 months ago

I enjoyed the easiness and relaxation of these stretches! Even the cat chilled since he couldn't walk under any more downward dogs for the day and get his tail in my face : ) Many Thanks!

Deep stretch
Paulette Languerand 6 months ago

Found the last move a very good deep stretch for the tightest part of my body. New move for me which I endeavour to do every evening. Thank you.