Wake Up!

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Crista teaches a remarkably satisfying power flow with only 10 minutes to work with! This is a very active class, with sun salutations, arm balances, kick-ups to handstand and even some time for releasing tight muscles. This one is for you, busy people who like a good work out!


Wowza, am I ever energized
sanb0x 5 hours ago

Wowza, am I ever energized after that quick little number! Perfect start to the day!

Fun Little Practice
lpyles 1 month ago

Gun way to perk up or start the day!

Fantastic and fun in such a
Keita 2 months ago

Fantastic and fun in such a short timeframe, got me puffing, great thankyou

jbispo 2 months ago

Quick & energizing! Perfect for the morning. Maybe one day I'll be able to do handstand hops!

Heatherybean 2 months ago

That was energising! Feel fantastic after that quick burst...will definitely be using that again in my new yoga-every-day practice.


Found myself breathing hard
ashren 2 months ago

Found myself breathing hard afterwards. Fantastic 10 minute class.