Wake Up!

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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Crista teaches a remarkably satisfying power flow with only 10 minutes to work with! This is a very active class, with sun salutations, arm balances, kick-ups to handstand and even some time for releasing tight muscles. This one is for you, busy people who like a good work out!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


nnmrtn 4 weeks ago

I couldn't keep up! By the time I'd looked at the screen Christi had already moved on. A disastrous start to my day!

Kelly Bouchard 1 month ago


Kelly from DoYogaWithMe here. Thanks for you comment. The issue is now fixed!

Many thanks!

Hrmn831 4 weeks ago

Still no video, but the audio instruction was fine. Great quick morning or midday practice! Thanks!

sng4ever 2 months ago

Great little, fun practice.
Gets the juices flowing!!!

mexitalian 4 months ago

Excellent as an early morning wake up, I'm fired up and ready to get into my day. From my heart to yours namaste.

bnoodle 9 months ago

Great class to wake up the whole body! Love the instructor. Bookmarking this one for sure!

Kimby 9 months ago

Crista! You're amazing - I'm wide awake & feeling great.

duroc017 9 months ago

Can't believe I haven't done this one before. I love it!