Wake Up!

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
Average: 4.8 (140 votes)
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Crista teaches a remarkably satisfying power flow with only 10 minutes to work with! This is a very active class, with sun salutations, arm balances, kick-ups to handstand and even some time for releasing tight muscles. This one is for you, busy people who like a good work out!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


bnoodle 4 months ago

Great class to wake up the whole body! Love the instructor. Bookmarking this one for sure!

Kimby 4 months ago

Crista! You're amazing - I'm wide awake & feeling great.

duroc017 4 months ago

Can't believe I haven't done this one before. I love it!

Christa Bedwin 6 months ago

I love this little series and your style. I prefer to hold some of the sit-ups as boat pose or the side planks, but I feel that's easy enough to do and just do this one day after day! Love that it's ten minutes too so I can do it multiple times per day.

birdnthesky 8 months ago

It definitely wakes you up. but this class was just okay for me. There was no time to warm up which made me feel like I could easily injure myself. The poses are rushed without time to enjoy them. I also had to look at the screen to know what was happening. I'm used to other videos on this site that have clear instruction so I rarely need to look at the screen. I think this video would be better to wake up in the middle of the day - not first thing in the morning.

oakhazel 8 months ago

I enjoyed this class but I did find that some sections were so quick that by the time I was in the posture, she was on the next one. So, I agree, just a smedgion slower would be a lot better. A child's pose every so often to drink in the lesson perhaps. Very enjoyable, thanks. I did have to miss out a few of the more strenuous poses but that was okay.