Wake Up!

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Crista Shillington
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Crista teaches a remarkably satisfying power flow with only 10 minutes to work with! This is a very active class, with sun salutations, arm balances, kick-ups to handstand and even some time for releasing tight muscles. This one is for you, busy people who like a good work out!


Thank YOU!
sunonred 2 days ago

This combined with a 5 minute meditation beforehand is how I begin my day...every single day! So before things gets hectic, I've put in 15 minutes for myself. It's to the point where I crave this time. This 10 minute flow is awesome!! It's heart opening, energizing, stretching and strength igniting. I appreciate you Cristi so much! I send daily gratitude to you for this perfect, brief synthasized flow!

Short and Energizing
Aziah 4 weeks ago

Loved this short power workout. The equivalent to 2 cups of coffee in energy!

Favourite short practice
Helen Alford 1 month ago

Just don't do it when people are still asleep! Always feel great after this one.

Lannemc 2 months ago

Short on time. Big need for a great start. This did the trick. Thank you!

quick and fun way to start the day
nadomom 2 months ago

Thank you Crista for another fun class. Now I feel energized to start my day.

First yoga session from this site
WanderWithYou 5 months ago

I’ve quit the gym and am going to get my yoga practise back on track. This is the first session I have completed on this site and I feel great. Short, powerful and has woken me up. Ready for the day....

Great quick way workout
AnnS 5 months ago

Great quick workout

nice quick jolt of energy!
javilora 5 months ago

Thanks for this quick one!

Super loved this short
rainbreau 6 months ago

Super loved this short fireball! Thank you!